A bag of gold

For Gold in RtCW, see Treasure Item

Gold is a hidden collectible item found throughout Wolfenstein. It is used to purchase upgrades at the Black Market, as well as to refill ammo. It is found in various forms, each form giving a certain amount of cash. Gold is also earned upon completing mission, either main or optional ones. Gold is usually found in out of the way places, sometimes in a box that must be opened or a safe to be cracked. Each mission, except for the last few, will have a certain number of Gold items to find. Gold is easily identifiable by its sheen, similar to that of Intel and Tomes.


There are 3 types of Gold. They are:

  • Bag of Gold. Provides $100.
  • Bar of Gold. Provides $250.
  • Relic of Gold. Provides $500.

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