Grace Walker
Grace Walker
Country of Origin United States
Date of Birth Unknown
Sex Female
Nationality American
  • Member of the American Resistance
  • Member of The Black Revolutionary Front (formerly)
  • Fate Alive
    Portrayer Debra Wilson [1]
    Appearance(s) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
    "Just who the fuck are you, white boy?"
    ―Grace to Blakzowicz when they first met.

    Grace Walker is the member of the American Resistance in the New Colossus. A former member of Black Revolutionary Front, she used to be charged with the murder of the FBI agent prior the occupation of the Nazi in the US. However, Super Spesh as a lawyer at the time managed to successfully defend her in the court.

    After the Nazi's occupation of the US, Grace and the rest of the free African American people joins the American Resistance to fight the Nazi after they cooperates with the KKK as well as others white supremacists in the US to put and oppress all African-American people in the concentration camp as well as introducing slavery back to the US prior the Civil War.

    B.J. Blazkwoicz meets with the Resistance, but is first held at gunpoint by Walker and Super Spesh, but reluctantly allows him in.

    Personality Edit

    Grace is tough and no-nonsense Resistance fighter with high hatred for the Nazi and the white supremacists in general for what they did to the African American community and others people in the US and the world.

    Grace also has trust issue with former Nazi member who defects and joins the Resistance since she often chides Sigrun harshly and accuses her being a spy much to BJ's annoyance who has to remind her that Sigrun is a good person.

    She is shown to be a chain smoker. Super Spesh often teases her for having sick sense of humor.

    Gallery Edit

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