The Hammergewehr (lit. "Hammer Gun") is a four-barreled heavy weapon that fires stimulated barrages of buckshot. The weapon is suitable for fighting heavy enemies such as the Panzerhund, Super Soldier or the Drone.

It is presumed that, due to the type of ammunition it fires, the Hammergewehr is a heavy variant of the Schockhammer X.


The weapon is normally carried by Super Soldiers or mounted on a stand, where it contains around 310 rounds after dismounting.

It is most effective when used in close range against heavy enemies or random clusters of normal soldiers.


This weapon is specifically found in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


  • It can be assumed that the Hammergewehr is modeled after the Schockhammer, albeit using a slightly different mechanism.
  • The barrels reciprocate, meaning that the weapon's recoil operates with a locked breach unlike the Schockhammer's fixed barrels.

However, two pairs of toggle locks can be seen ejecting spent shells during firing, which is a shared design with the Schockhammer.

  • This weapon seems like the equivalent of the MG60 from the previous game, although the MG60 uses battery as ammo and the hammergewehr uses regular ammo.

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