Handgun 1946
Type Pistol
Ammo Type Light Rounds (The New Order)
Pistol Rounds (The Old Blood)
Operation Semi-automatic
Alt-fire Suppressor
Dual-wieldable? Yes
Weapon Stats
Damage Moderate-High
Magazine Size 10
Total Ammo 100
Appears In Wolfenstein: The New Order
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Drops From Commander 1946
"A standard-issue sidearm frequently used by Nazi commanders. Useful when engaging light[sic] armored enemies at close ranges."
―Journal description.[src]

The Handgun 1946 is a semi-automatic light weapon available in Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.


Wolfenstein: The New OrderEdit

The Handgun 1946 is the standard-issue sidearm frequently used by Nazi commanders. It boasts a relatively high damage per shot for a light weapon and is capable of killing most standard enemies with a single headshot, or around 3 to 5 bodyshots depending on the difficulty. The pistol is also highly accurate even when dual-wielded or hip-fired with a very narrow bullet spread, though its ironsights are flat and somewhat awkward to use in low-light conditions. Due to a glitch this gun at point blank range will kill any enemy in the game with a crotch shot. It has a high rate-of-fire, though this combined with its magazine capacity of 10 leaves a lot to be desired when used in a direct firefight, but this can be remedied by upgrades or by wielding a second pistol. This weapon shines the most during stealth segments as it is one of the very few weapons in the game that can accept a suppressor.

The Handgun 1946 is completely superseded by its 1960 version after the timeskip. It is, however, usable during the hidden Nightmare sequences.

Wolfenstein: The Old BloodEdit

In Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the Handgun 1946 behaves largely the same way as it did in The New Order, though its ammunition is now referred to as Pistol Ammunition instead of Light Ammunition, though the change in terminology makes no actual practical difference.

The player will unlock a gold-plated version of the Handgun 1946 by collecting all treasures.



  • Suppressor: The Suppressor is found in an alcove in the a tunnel during the prologue if Blazkowicz plants the explosives on the missiles instead of the fortress bay doors when infiltrating the location. Alternately, it can be acquired a secret room located within the radio room with "Ein Drei Zwei" painted on the wall. This is German for "1-3-2", the order in which the levers in the room are pulled to reveal the room containing the pistol. It renders the Handgun 1946 completely silent when fitted. It is usable in dual-wield mode by pressing the secondary alternate fire key (default "Z").

Perk Upgrades:Edit

  • Gun Magazine +: Increases the Handgun 1946's magazine size by 3.
  • Silent Shot: Shots from a silenced Handgun 1946 deal more damage.
  • Deadeye: Increases the Handgun 1946's headshot damage when sighted.
  • Quick Draw: The Handgun 1946 is equipped faster.
  • Quick Reload: The Handgun 1946 is reloaded faster.
  • Double Reload: The Handgun 1946 is reloaded faster when dual-wielded.
  • Endurance I: Increases sprint speed when dual-wielding Handgun 1946s.
  • Dual-wield Expert: Increases the Handgun 1946's total ammo capacity. Dual-wielded Handgun 1946s have a higher chance of dismembering enemies.

The Old Blood Perk UpgradesEdit

  • Reload Mash: Allows the player to speed up the Handgun 1946's reload by mashing the reload button.


  • Frau Engel owns a gold-plated version, which can be found in her safe in Camp Belica. It cannot be used however, and can only be collected as a piece of treasure.
    • Attempting to pick up the pistol during Engel's "test" will prompt Blazkowicz to be shot by her mechanical bodyguard, which results in an instant death.
    • The same golden gun texture is reused in The Old Blood as an unlockable skin for the pistol.
  • It is modeled after the real world Luger P08, but with a 10-round magazine and less complex operation.







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