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Harbinger, also known as Harbinger of Doom, is the final boss of Wolfenstein RPG. He is a paranormal monster that comes from another dimension to serve as Harbinger of Apocalypse. However, B.J. defeats the demon after a lengthy battle using the Spear of Destiny. He then tells B.J. that he will fight his great, great, great, grandson (Sargeant Blazkowicz) in the future, which takes place in the events of Doom as the Cyberdemon.

Some point in the future the evil Dr. Kronos created the Cyberdemon by combining UAC technology with the Harbinger's flesh. Stan Blazkowicz kills when it passes through the portal when Stan returned to Mars from Hell. Stan would have other rematches with the beast (or similar ones) during other trips to hell.


You have to save as many ability boosting serums and health packs as you can! You will really need them here, and actually, it is impossible to win without them. First step is to move to him and attack him with any weapons you got. You'll automatically run away. When you returned with the Spear, attack him, boosting yourself with serums and restoring health when needed. Ultimately, he will summon few Tormentors. Kill them, then proceed to the blood pool. Stand on it, so the demon won't be able to restore his health anymore. Now, strike him with the Spear, using as many serums and medkits as needed. The boss is much harder than any enemy you encountered before, it is even hard to hit him because he evades most of the attacks, but if you have enough of medication and serums, you'll crush the beast.

Behind the scenesEdit

Harbinger is, in fact, a reference and a "guest character" from Doom video game series, being nearly exact copy of a Doom boss enemy Cyberdemon. The limbs which the Harbinger loses are the same which are prosthetics in the Cyberdemon (a rocket launcher instead of the left arm, a stump on his right leg). His title, Harbinger of Doom, hints that both Wolfenstein RPG and Doom are set in the same universe, putting Wolfenstein RPG in the same continuity as the Doom RPG series (Doom RPG, Doom II RPG, with possible links to the classic Doom series; Doom, Ultimate Doom, and Doom II: Hell on Earth). Doom II RPG is in fact advertised as the sequel to Wolfenstein RPG, and prequel to Doom RPG.

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