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Heinrich I




the Fowler, I




Dark Knights


Sword, demonic powers

Defeated by

1. Simon the Wanderer (943)
2. B.J. Blazkowicz (1943)


3500 (Easy)
4970 (Normal)
10000 (Hard) Possibility

Heinrich I was an evil warlord who launched a campaign of conquest in Medieval Europe. He had studied the black arts and used them to his advantage by raising an army of undead warriors, the Dark Knights. In 943 AD, a benevolent wizard by the name of Simon the Wanderer confronted Heinrich, seeking to end his reign of terror. After a brief battle, the mystic realized he cannot destroy Heinrich, so he instead magically seals the tyrant in limbo.

He was survived by his oldest son, Otto I, who would go on to become Holy Roman Emperor.

After a thousand years, in 1943 Heinrich was brought back to life by SS High Priestess Marianna Blavatsky and was eager to resume his reign of terror. Unfortunately he sensed the presence of the American soldier B.J. Blazkowicz who confronted him in a duel. After a fierce fight, Heinrich was ultimately destroyed by Blazkowicz, ensuring that the warlord's powers will not be used by the SS Paranormal Division.


  • Heinrich I is considering to be most health enemy that you ever faced and has around 4970 health points on normal difficulty. While on hard mode, he has approximately 10000 Health points considering on the latest patch which upgrades him to a much harder boss to fight with, no matter what difficultly you are playing, he is the most durable but still not the most harmful opponent in RTCW, prepare lots of ammunition to fight him. His abilities are somewhat similar to Olaric, but he has more tricks under his sleeve.
  • Despite, he is the final boss and brutally appearance. He is actually much simple and easily boss as his attack by summoning Dark Knight, me-lee attack by swinging sword and godforsaken spirit to chase you to turn you black.
  • One strategy is that you use either the Tesla Gun or the Venom or both. The spread damage from both weapons will hurt not only Heinrich but the enemies around him. You'll quickly defeat any undead and Dark knights around him and slowly hurt Heinrich. Just be at a distance; this tactic is not effective if you're too close.



Heinrich I and his undead warriors. Zombified Marianna Blavatsky can be seen in the left.

Heinrich I appears in Return to Castle Wolfenstein and in part three of the Wolfenstein video graphic novel.

The graphic novels seem to suggest that Heinrich I was resurrected to replace Hitler as leader of the Third/Fourth Reich, while he was out of commission from an earlier attempted assasination attempted by B.J. This may have been a reference to Original Encounter events (or the order and dating of Wolfenstein 3D/3rd Encountera was pushed back before 1943, similar to the RTCW strategy guide which places events of Wolfenstein 3D before RTCW).

An image of an unzombified Heinrich may appear in the paintings in Castle Wolfenstein in The Old Blood. The Castle is said to be have been built by the eldest son of Henry the Fowler, Otto I.

Behind the scenesEdit

Heinrich I is the real name of the first king of Germany, also known as Henry I or Henry the Fowler. He was not an evil conqueror in real life, spending just as much time defending Germany from invaders as expanding it, and his legacy was the modern state of Germany. He would have found the Nazis and their crimes appalling. By the date given in the game for his imprisonment, he had actually been dead for four years before he was seal off and when the First Reich collapse (however, he is already portrayed as undead and immortal by that point as well, seemingly risen from his original death).


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