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"I am not planning anything. I'm doing it, I am getting that dagger."
―Helga von Bulow discussion the Dagger of Warding.
Helga von Bulow

Helga von Bulow
Country of Origin Germany
Sex Female
Nationality German
Occupation Commander of Wulfburg garrison and High ranking member of the SS Paranormal Division
Fate Deceased
Portrayer Unknown
Appearance(s) Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Oberführer (Senior leader SS) Helga von Bulow was a high ranking member of the SS Paranormal Division and was in charge of the garrison at Wulfburg. A loyal disciple of the high priestess Marianna Blavatsky, Helga was a capable leader but made too many careless decisions that jeopardized the safety of her troops. While the all-female Elite Guard remained fanatically loyal to her, the male soldiers under her command were skeptical of her abilities.

Working with scientist Dr. Zemph, Helga discovered the corpse of the Third Dark Knight in the Wulfburg Church and ordered Zemph to perform the extraction process. When informed of B.J. Blazkowicz's arrival, Helga ordered her Elite Guard to deal with him while she and Zemph retreated out of the church.

Arriving at the Tomb of Olaric, Helga desired to acquire the Dagger of Warding, believing that it would help the Nazi war machine. Zemph, however, warned her of the dire consequences of taking the dagger but Helga made up her mind and shot Zemph dead with her Luger. Taking the dagger, Helga beheld the monstrous form of Olaric rising from his grave. Before she could react, Helga was brutally dismembered by Olaric as her body parts are all over inside the Tomb.

Tides of WarEdit

Helga was on a mission to recover some ancient tablets sealed away within an underground tomb in Egypt. She was successful in finding the tablets, believing Himmler would be so pleased. She was pursued by Blazkowicz and Agent One, but escaped when she reached the airfield. After the Luftwaffe gunned down the two agents, Helga appeared and sent a squadron to investigate. After the soldiers found the agents still alive, Helga order the squad capture them and bring to castle for the brutal interrogation by Zee.


  • "Not for long! Bring them back to the Castle at once! They have an appointment with Dr. Zee!"
  • "Ha! I don't care, I've waited my whole life for an opportunity like this. I am not turning back now, for some cowering bookworm and his pointless fears!"
  • "Get out of my way, Zemph! Your feeble threats won't stop me."


  • In the German version of this game, her name is Helga von Braun.


Helga von Bulow appears in Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Tides of War.

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