Herr faust
Herr Faust
 (German for "Mr. Fist") is the result of the Nazis' cold sense of practicality applied to forced labor camp management. This terrifying robot guard is used for a variety of tasks inside the camp beyond discouraging prisoners from trying to escape. Herr Faust served as executioner in the camp, it kills its victims by lowering a metal bowl over said victim's head and then driving a large pneumatic spike through the forehead into the brain. This can be seen first-hand by not handing Set Roth the device he asks for when Herr Faust is approaching him. Since Set does not recieve the device, Faust kills him, then walks over to you and places the bowl over your head, which allows you to see the pneumatic spike in first-person view for just a moment, before it impales your face, resulting in instant-death, and a game-over.

Set Roth, with the help of B.J. Blazkowicz, reprogrammed the robot, using it to help their escape from Camp Belica. The robot killed several guards and then maimed Frau Engel, permanently damaging her face. Later B.J. took control of it, killing many guards and smaller robotic enemies, eventually it helps some other immates to escape the camp.



  • Herr Faust is one of the wallpaper arts of the game.
  • Herr Faust is possibly inspired by the Heavy Walker from the Red Faction series.
  • This type of robot is actually seen twice in the game. Two are seen in London on either side of the road leading to London Nautica and another is seen at Camp Belica. Only the Belica machine plays any real role in the plot.