Hospital AssassinHallway.jpg

Inside the Hospital featuring the Assassins ready to murder anyone that attempted to get deeply inside the Clinic.

The Hospital is the second mission that was given by the Golden Dawn. This level features two new enemies, The Veil Assassin and the Altered, which act as the final boss towards the end of the level. This is also where B.J. obtains the last Veil Crystal, Empower


The Hospital is located in Midtown East, where the Resistance are encountered fighting the Nazis, who are using mortars to suppress the Resistance.

Mission (Step-by-step)Edit

  • Investigate the hospital.
  • Defeat the Veil Assassin
  • Storm the Secret Lab.
  • Investigate the morgue.
  • Locate the High ranking officer.
  • Destroy the portal.
  • Obtain the Veil Crystal; Empower.
  • Exit from the level, using the back door.


There is a total of 23 Gold, 6 Intel and 2 Tomes found throughout this mission.


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