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Intel are various documents that add back-story to the 2009 version of Wolfenstein. Most Missions have a certain number, and they are usually in hard to find places. It comes in many forms, such as the accordion folder, a clipboard, or just papers. Often times, it is found in a file cabinet or desk, which must be searched. It is accompanied by a sheen, like Gold and Tomes.


Intel is used to fill in back-story, but also has another use. It unlocks certain weapon upgrades to be bought. Without finding Intel, not all weapon upgrades will be able to be purchased.

If every single intel is collected, all weapon upgrades will be automatically purchased for free.

Intel Items Found in the GameEdit

Train StationEdit

Spec Ops TrainEdit

To: Captain Baum
From: General Zetta
The cargo the Special Operations train carries must be protected at all costs. I want your best security detail present as well as a doubling of the guards at all checkpoints. You are also to deploy additional heavy weapon emplacements. Make no mistakes - more than your career will end if any equipment onboard that train is damaged.

Visiting DignitaryEdit

To: All Security Detachments
From: SS Special Projects Administrator Franz Nussbaum
In the next few days a very important dignitary from Berlin will be arriving for an inspection tour. He is to be allowed full access to every base and experimental facility in the town. Should any harm befall this dignitary, all those charged with his protection will be tried, convicted and summarily executed.

Love LetterEdit

Dearest Wolfgang,
It's been far too long since we last met. I realize you married that woman for her family's connections, but do you really need her anymore? Imagine how happy we'd be if we didn't have to keep our romance a secret. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Isenstadt.
Yours forever,

PS: I recently purchased some clothing from France ...

Supervision of AmmunitionEdit

To: All Dock Workers
From: Dock Master Gernot Krause
I was just told that a growing amount of munitions are lost while being moved from the train cars to the trucks bound for military bases. This is most likely the work of the Black Market. Additional guards are being posted, but I would ask you all to be on the look out for any suspicious characters.

Damaged EquipmentEdit

To: Mr. Gernot Krause
From: Project Nachtsonne Administrator Dr. Franz Fiedler
A shipment of very delicate equipment arrived at our laboratory yesterday in disrepair. It was damaged because it was improperly secured for transportation. In the future, make certain your men treat shipments to Project Nachtsonne with the utmost care.

Midtown (hub)Edit

Kar98 BlueprintEdit

(a schematic of the Kar98 and its upgrades)

MP40 BlueprintEdit

(a schematic of the MP40 and its upgrades)

Dig Site Documents 1 of 4Edit

(concept artwork for Thulian ruins)

Dig Site Documents 2 of 4Edit

(concept artwork for Thulian ruins)

MP43 BlueprintEdit

(a schematic of the MP43 and its upgrades)


Achtung! By order of General Zetta, all traffic exiting the archeological dig site outside of Isenstadt will be thoroughly searched for contraband. Any person found with stolen artifacts in their possession will be executed immediately.

Caroline BeckerEdit

Caroline Becker: Leader of the resistance group known as the Kreisau Circle.
Caroline Becker is wanted for numerous crimes against the state. Her seditious group of thugs have caused numerous civilian deaths. A reward is offered to anyone who gives information that leads to the capture of this dangerous outlaw.

Warehouse Security ChecksEdit

Due to a recent increase in criminal activity there will be random security checks at the warehouse. Personnel are required to carry their identification papers at all times. Entrance to the warehouse is highly restricted - trespassers will be shot on sight.

Raven’s NestEdit

We've been watching the Raven's Nest tavern in order to learn the guard rotation patterns at the nearby warehouse. Unfortunately, we've gained very little information. I would suggest placing someone in deep cover to infiltrate the tavern.

Sniffer DiagramEdit

(Sniffer concept art)

Mdl. 24 BlueprintEdit

(a schematic of the Mdl. 24 grenades and their upgrades)

Hidden BlueprintEdit

There are blueprints hidden in my filing cabinet that I stole from the Cannery. If you are reading this, then I've been taken prisoner by the SS or worse. I beg you to take the documents to the Kreisau Circle. They outline a vile biological experiment that the Nazis are working on. Hopefully the resistance will be able to stop them before they complete their research.

Dig Site Documents 4 of 4Edit

(concept artwork for Thulian ruins)

Wanted for Treason: Erik EngleEdit

Erik Engle: Second in command of the Kreisau Circle.
Erik Engle is the mastermind behind a number of violent acts perpetrated by the Kreisau Circle. He is also directly responsible for the loss of numerous civilian and military lives. Any information that leads to the capture of this criminal will be rewarded.

Dig SiteEdit

Dig ReportEdit

To: Special Projects Committee
From: Dr. Bohren
This dig has barely scratched the surface of the entire site, but what little I've seen indicates that the Thule were an amazing people. Their culture was one of great technological and spiritual advancement. I'm quite certain they migrated here, but it's a mystery as to why they left ... I suspect it had to do with a disaster of some type.


To: General Zetta
From: Captain Gudenreich
Interrogation of the young Russian has proven fruitless so far. He is much stronger than I had anticipated. But I suspect he knows a great deal about this dig site; perhaps he might even be able to solve the mystery of the crystal. I've sent for a Scribe - once he arrives I'm sure the Russian will tell us everything we want to know.

Second MedallionEdit

To: Dr. Bohren
From: General Zetta
I should never have allowed General Shosshund to take the first Thule Medallion from Isenstadt, but I was being pressured by Berlin. Why that fool Shosshund chose to take a side trip aboard the ill-fated Tirpitz will always be a mystery to me. But make no mistake, there is a second medallion at this dig site and you will find it ... or you will suffer my wrath.

Crystal TrapEdit

To: General Zetta
From: Dr. Bohren
Sir, I'm sorry to report that all attempts to acquire the crystal have failed - and that 14 people have died in the process. The Thule were very cunning in creating the trap, but I'm certain we will figure out a way to overcome it. I realize the crystal is of utmost importance to you, so rest assured that you will have it soon, even if it takes 100 more lives.


To: Dr. Blavatsky
From: General Zetta
Doctor, I don't need to remind you how important the Thule device is to my research. I demand that your excavation team take the utmost care in dismantling it. And I would recommend you take very thorough notes so that it can be reassembled at the new location. Any failure will meet with very unpleasant results.

Medallion NewsEdit

To: General Zetta
From: Captain Gudenreich
It took longer than expected, but the Scribe was finally able to wring the truth from the young Russian. His name is Sergei Kovlov and he's a member of a group called the Golden Dawn. He didn't tell us what the group did, but eventually he will. More importantly, he did tell us how to get the second Thule Medallion. The next time I report, I'll be handing you the item you have sought for so long.


Warehouse WarningEdit

Achtung. Security has been increased due to rise in thefts of ammunition, weaponry and medical supplies by members of the resistance. Any trespassers in this warehouse will be shot on sight.

Note to Anton KriegeEdit

I think Captain Trommler is beginning to suspect me ... but tell your brother Stephan I will honor our agreement. The shipment of ammunition will be waiting for you at the appointed location. Payment had better be prompt.

Experimental EquipmentEdit

From: Captain Trommler
To: Squad Commanders
The experimental equipment that arrived from Berlin yesterday has been taken to the Castle as per the orders of General Zetta. Squad patrols can return to the normal security status - but checkpoints are to remain fully staffed at all times. Checkpoints will remain at heightened security until we capture those who are responsible for selling weapons to the resistance.

Drinking on DutyEdit

ATTENTION: Warehouse guards are restricted from drinking at the Raven's Nest tavern while on duty. Be warned: dereliction of duty and inebriation while on patrol are punishable by death.

Officer's HouseEdit

Veil Device SchematicEdit

(concept art schematic of the Thule medallion)

Theft of the Remaining MedallionEdit

To: General Statz
From: Captain Waechter
Unfortunately the Scribe who interrogated the Golden Dawn agent at the SS Base has verified our worst fear; whoever rescued the young Golden Dawn agent from the Dig Site also took the remaining Thule Medallion. I trust you will explain the situation to General Zetta making certain to mention that Captain Mueller was on duty at the time.

Escaped PrisonerEdit

To: General Statz
From: Captain Waechter
I regret to inform you that the young Golden Dawn agent we captured at the Dig Site was released by insurgent forces during a raid. The guards responsible for the lack of security have been dealt with severely as an example to others. Rest assured all available men have been directed toward recapturing the agent as well as discovering who was behind the daring rescue.

The Original Thule MedallionEdit

To: General Statz
From: General Zetta
The Tirpitz was sunk off the coast of England before it could carry out its mission and destroy London with a missile attack. Unfortunately the original Thule Medallion was lost as well. Manuscripts tell of a second medallion at the digsite - every effort must be made to locate this artifact. My research into the Veil will be severely hampered without it.


Defend the ChurchEdit

All Forward Firing Positions:
Intelligence has indicated that the resistance will attempt to attack as soon as the experiment at the Church is activated. It is imperative that the Kreisau Circle fail. Once the experiment has been successfully tested, all the world will see that a new day is dawning and the tide of war has turned in our favor.

Heavy TroopersEdit

To: Church Security Officers
From: Central Command
Central Command has ordered that Heavy Troopers be deployed as patrols along the roadway leading to the Church. Beyond supporting our base troops with heavy firepower, this will test how viable the Heavy Trooper is as a mobile weapon system. There are concerns about serious malfunctions of the shoulder venting system, but we trust this is a minor issue which will be worked out in time.

Caution During Mortar FireEdit

WARNING: The enemy is directing heavy mortar fire against the Church. Take all precautions for movement through the streets. Wear a helmet at all times and stay near solid supports whenever possible.

Plasma Weapon BlueprintEdit

(a schematic of the Particle cannon and its upgrades)

Follow the SewersEdit

Victory is nearly ours! Our forces flanked the heavy machinegun nests that controlled the main street and we're now within view of the church. But we're pinned down near the Schloss Hotel. If you are a member of the Kreisau Circle, take the catacombs beneath the hotel, they look to be the only route forward.

Follow the CatacombsEdit

We've broken through the sewers and into the catacombs beneath the church. We still don't know what the machine at the church is, but it has to be associated with the advanced weaponry the Nazis have been using. The device must be destroyed in hopes of setting back their weapons research program.


Flammenwerfer BlueprintEdit

(a schematic of the Flammenwerfer and its upgrades)

Rail Line CompleteEdit

To: Captain Kroner
From: Foreman Max Greiner
I am proud to report that the underground rail line to the Cannery will be completed next week. You can expect the first shipment of crystals soon, although our experiments are still in progress.

Improve SecurityEdit

To: Captain Kroner
From: General Zetta
Captain Kroner,
During the recent tour of your facility, I found security to be severely lacking. Effective immediately, guard patrols are to be doubled and the primary doorway into the underground facility is to be reinforced against direct attack. If these measures are not implemented promptly, I will appoint an Operations Officer who can carry out my orders in a more timely fashion.

Shortage of 88 ShellsEdit

To: Artillery Squad
From: Captain Kroner
Due to a misrouted shipment, there is a shortage of shells for the 88. Because of this, artillery munitions will be stored in the underground munitions bunker until further notice.

Manmade CrystalsEdit

Manmade Crystals
By Dr. Rudolf Schiller
While initial experiments had shown promise, we are quickly coming to realize how difficult it is to artificially create Nachtsonne crystals. Because of the accelerated growth rate, their lattice structures are quite often misaligned causing a high percentage of them to be useless. But we have overcome that difficulty by growing a large number of crystals and using the Blutschleicher to locate the purest ones.

SS HeadquartersEdit

Paranormal BaseEdit



Downtown (hub)Edit


Radio StationEdit



See AlsoEdit

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