"The Kraut with the monocle was Wilhelm Strasse also known as Deathshead. A brilliant scientist who heads up Himmler's special project division."
―Jack's description of Deathshead.[src]

Jack Stone is the OSA Director's trusted assistant.


An American with a keen mind and a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of the German war-machine. His advice is heeded by the highest officials, and he is responsible for collating much of the information that comes into the OSA.[1]


Jack appears in Return to Castle Wolfenstein . In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, he appears in the opening cutscenes of almost all the missions (referred to "Jack" or "Jack Stone" during mission briefings/in-game text, and the strategy guide), briefing the US and UK Generals as well as OSA Director.


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Behind the scenesEdit

His full name Jack Stone appears in the RTCW strategy guide, and in one reference in B.J's notebook in the game.

He is played by James Alcroft.

The last name "Stone" may be a reference to Blake Stone, a character in Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, Apogee's followup to Wolfenstein 3D set in the distant future.

Jack Straw a similar individual appears in Wolfenstein 2009.

Gordon (full name unknown) appears to take the place of Jack Stone for the purpose of 1946 events in The New Order.

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