"I understood in that moment what the emptiness meant. This wasn't just about avenging Jack. No, this was bigger than me. So I traveled back to America. To fight the Nazis once again. Maybe I was heading towards certain death, but Agent Silent Death would not go quietly into the night."
―Agent Silent Death in the last cutscene.[src]

Jessica "Silent Death" Valiant is the protagonist of Curtis Everton's comic book The Diaries of Agent Silent Death, part of The Freedom Chronicles series. A former OSS agent who escaped the Nazi occupation of the United States, she returned to America on a mission to kill three Nazis who killed her husband.


(The following events are depicted within the Freedom Chronicles which exist as works of fiction within the Wolfenstein setting; their veracity in the actual timeline is questionable at best.)

The Valiants were legends in Allied intelligence, well known for their feats in making the Nazis' lives miserable. However, after Jack was captured by the Nazis thanks to the work of treacherous OSA agent Chuck Lorentz, Jessica decided to live a life of a carefree hedonism in Sao Paolo, Brazil after Jack gave her time to escape.

After years of drowning her sorrows in alcohol and casual sex, Jessica would be drawn back into her former lifestyle when a letter arrived from an enigmatic party known only as the Crimson Bulldog, containing information on the three Nazis responsible for her husband's death.

Her quest completed, she returned to her secluded life until the Crimson Bulldog called her again to fight in the Second American Revolution. She is last seen preparing to snipe a Nazi officer during a battle in an unspecified city.


After her husband's death, Jessica became dependent on alcohol to drown her sorrows away. Once getting the names and locations of the murderers of Jack, she became determined and resilient, leading to the three to worry of their deaths. Hans Stiglitz had an nightmare about her killing him as Chuck Lorentz and Gerhardt Dunkel hid behind their men to stay safe, showing their cowardice nature and fear of being killed by Silent Death.


"I'd spent the past years in a delightful blur of drinking and debauchery...but killing Nazis was like riding a bike."
―Agent Silent Death on Nazi killing.[src]

Years of intense training in the OSS enables Jessica to contort her body in ways an average person could never achieve, allowing her to fit through the tightest spaces even without the use of a Constrictor Harness. She posses the ability to cause enemies to freeze when they see her and silent step around the area (even if they are walking or running).

She possesses significant upper body strength, being able to cut a man's arm off or smash up ÜberSoldat robots with a single swing of a knife or lift and carry heavy weapons such as the Lasergewehr which normally had to be fixed on a stationary mount or carried by Super Soldiers. However her strength, while arguably superhuman, is not comparable to that of other protagonists in the Freedom Chronicles.


"My word, look at that handsome bloke. OSA Secret Agent Jack Valiant. Super spy for the British Empire. The Queen's greatest asset. Except for one other...Agent Silent Death. My name is Jessica Valiant. During the war I helped my husband perform his duties behind the scenes. Inseparable both on the job and off, until...1946. Jack bought me time to escape. If I'd had a choice, it would have been the other way around. Funny that. After the love of my life was taken away from me, the world submitted to the Nazis. And my faith in humanity crumbled. I fled to Brazil, choosing a life in anonymity. It was a simpler life. A steady flow of fine alcohol and charming strangers served as my education. Kept me afloat. Without purpose or direction. Then one day, I received a mysterious folder with the image of a Crimson Bulldog imprinted on it. Inside were the briefs of three assassination targets: torture expert Übercommander Hans Stiglitz, Hollywood Nazi collaborator Chuck Lorentz, and the infamous General Gerhardt Dunkel. What I read shock me to the core. The files provided evidence, implicating these men as responsible for the betrayal, torture and murder of my husband. These men had to die. And so I departed for California in the American Territories. First on the list was Übercommander Hans, the man who tortured Jack."
―Agent Silent Death in the opening of Volume 1.[src]
"I'd spent the past years in a delightful blur of drinking and debauchery...but killing Nazis was like riding a bike. A dozen slit throats later I found myself inside the Gestapo Office in Sacramento, California. From there, I had to find my way to Ubercommander Hans' office, at the top floor."
―Agent Silent Death in the opening.[src]
"Ubercommander Hans was my first hit in years. Felt like a stiff drink to take the edge off, but I had to stay focused."
―Agent Silent Death.[src]
"From drunken midnight beach walks in Sao Paulo, to skulking through Nazi tosser central. I wondered if I was up to par after all these years."
―Valiant on her skills.[src]
"Years of boozing had to left a mark."
―Jessica if she sounds the alarm.[src]
"And so another Nazi bellend had been sent to hell. Good riddance, Ubercommander Hans. I could feel the tug of war inside, a craving to escape this dreadful reality. But I couldn't. Not until each and everyone of these Nazis were six feet under. Until my Jack was avenged. Next up, the man who betrayed Jack. Actor, filmmaker and Nazi collaborator Chuck Lorentz. Once an undercover agent for the OSA, now a stooge for the Reich. Like so many American traitors, that snake was generously rewarded for collaborating with the Nazis and had been promoted to Head Producer of American Propaganda. Lorentz was now a powerful man with powerful friends. Well, this powerful man was about to have a rendezvous with... Agent Silent Death."
―Jessica on Charles Lorentz onto Volume 2.[src]
"So this was Paragon Studios. Mouthpiece of Nazi America, doling out rubbish propaganda to the masses. Spotted the glass domed main offices draped in Nazi banners beyond the sound stages. That's were my would be."
―Agent Silent Death in Hollywood.[src]
"The Paragon Studios office looked exactly like the place a wanker like Lorentz would fester."
―Agent Silent Death on Charles Lorentz.[src]
"You have a drinking problem," a bartender in Sao Paulo once said. "Bloody Nazis are marching on your streets and you're telling me I have a problem?" The world had gone mental and I just needed a drink. Maybe drinking wasn't the best solution, but it sure soothed the pain. Look. What else was there? Anyway, I was a big girl and I decided when I could have a drink...Bloody hell, Jessica, stop obsessing about your drinking."
―Valiant on her drinking problem.[src]
"I'd planned on spending the end of my days in Brazil. I was at the point where it seemed my years of strife were finally over. Jack was fading away into the distant past, obscured by the spirit mediating my soul. I should have realized that's not how life works. And now it came to this: General Dunkel, the man who killed my Jack. The coward had long ago decided to hide away on the moon. General Dunkel would be my last hit. Then I could go back to my old life. And never return. Jack always said he was "over the moon" whenever something good happened. Well, my love. How I wish you were here."
―Jessica Valiant on her last target.[src]
"Moon base Gamma was the loathsome General Dunkel's domain. A military research complex. It was just a matter of time before someone discovered the bodies in the transport, so I had to move fast. Herr Schmidt won't be making it to the meeting, boys."
―Jessica Valiant in Volume 3 on the Moon.[src]
"It was time for some more extreme measures."
―Agent Silent Death on going to the oxygen room.[src]
"Maybe he was right. Maybe I was finally in over my head. Maybe Jack wouldn't be avenged. Well...At least I'd die trying."
―Agent Silent Death remarking Dunkel's words on avenging her husband.[src]
"As I stood over Jack's bane, a sense of emptiness overcame me. The deed was done, and yet the hole in my heart would not fully heal. I watched a million stars sparking in the void. Earth looked so serene from up above. How charming a conman was distance? And so I returned to my old life in Brazil, determining to end my days in oblivion. It wasn't a bad way to go all things considered. But something had changed. That empty feeling remained and no liquor could fill its void. Then one day, another letter same signed by the enigmatic "Crimson Bulldog". The The American Revolution was in full force. And the resistance needed me. I understood in that moment what the emptiness meant. This wasn't just about avenging Jack. No, this was bigger than me. So I traveled back to America. To fight the Nazis once again. Maybe I was heading towards certain death, but Agent Silent Death would not go quietly into the night."
―Agent Silent Death at the end of Volume 3.[src]


  • Jessica shares many character traits with Chloe Frazer from the Uncharted series, possibly as a gag based on the two having the same voice actor.