"The sky was the color of fire the day Übercommander Metze took papa away. Same color as the fire fading out inside me. {..} Now, the Nazis were about to put an end to my story. Well, that's what they thought...One thing was clear. Metze was a dead man walking."
―Gunslinger Joe at the end of Volume 1.[src]

Joseph "Gunslinger Joe" Stallion is a former quarterback turned resistance fighter against the Nazi occupation of the United States (now the American Territories). One of his missions involved fighting his way through Nazi forces in Chicago, up to the reaches of space.[1]


(The following events are depicted in the Freedom chronicles which exist as works of fiction within the Wolfenstein setting; their veracity in the actual timeline is questionable at best.)

Joseph "Gunslinger Joe" Stallion is former quarterback who used to play for the Springfield Firebirds before the occupation. After the war, his father formed a resistance group and managed to cause a lot of trouble for the Nazis. However, he was eventually captured and sentenced to hard labour by Roderick Metze.

Joe himself is enslaved by Metze and forced to play in an unfair football game. After managing to defy his oppressors, he is arrested and sentenced to be dissected by Metze. He manages to free himself out of Metze's lab after learning the activity of Resistance group in the area and the official beginning of the Second American Revolution. After fighting through the Nazis, he is ambushed by Metze and he executes the Resistance members. Due to Metze's overconfidence and lack of caution, he tasks a soldier to kill Joe only for Joe to escape his execution.

He reunites with his father in the prison of a local Nazi police station after disposing Metze's death trap. He manages to go into the Venus Oberkommando base to stop Metze from firing the Sun Gun to suppress the activities of the American Resistance in the midwest. After disposing nearly all Metze's men, he is shot by Metze in the hip. As Metze stupidly gloats his triump, he asks why Metze didn’t fire the Sun Gun and Metze reveals that its not operational yet. Taking the opportunity, Joe tackles Metze out of the window to his death and fights his way out of the Venus base.


Stallion possesses physical ability far beyond human norms, and in fact is the strongest character in the Freedom Chronicles and quite possibly the entire Wolfenstein franchise. He can lift and carry heavy weapons such as the Lasergewehr, Dieselgewehr and Hammergewehr which normally have to be placed on a fixed mount or carried by Super Soldiers; throw simple metal cans hard enough to kill armoured soldiers; smash through weakened concrete walls and turn men into piles of gore simply by running into them even without the use of Ram Shackles; and carry an adult man at running speed and smash through a reinforced glass window even after being shot at point-blank range. No explanation is given for this inhuman physicality beyond his years of football training.


  • Stallion's name and appearance are an allusion to Joseph Stalin, dictator of the USSR which had a brief armistice with Nazi Germany, before joining with the Allied Powers and becoming one of the chief enemies of the Nazi regime.
  • Ironically, Stallion's nickname "Gunslinger Joe" is a reference to Joseph "Gunner Joe" McCarthy, the disgraced US Senator who embarked on a campaign to root out supposed USSR-allied Communist infiltrators within the US Army.



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