The Kampfpistole is a handheld grenade launcher appearing in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

The Old BloodEdit

"A single-shot pistol that fires high-explosive ammunition, useful for taking out large targets and groups of enemies."
―Weapon description[src]

The Kampfpistole is very powerful, capable of killing Heavy Soldiers with a direct hit and has a large blast radius, penetrating cover better than a grenade. The projectile that is fired acts like a rocket and would always fly straight ahead until it hits a hard surface where it detonates and causes massive damage, or an enemy where it will stick and explode after a brief delay.

In many aspects it is the more accurate and controllable version of the Hand Grenade, but the scarcity of its ammo pickups tend to limit its use.

Perk UpgradesEdit

  • Kampfpistole +: Increases the Kampfpistole's maximum ammo count by 3.
  • Reload Mash: Allows the player to speed up the Kampfpistole's reload by mashing the reload button.

The New ColossusEdit

"A single shot handgun that fires high-explosive ammunition, useful for taking out multiple enemies simultaneously."
―Weapon description[src]

The Kampfpistole returns in *The New Colossus* as a multi-shot grenade launcher, capable of holding 6 rounds in a drum magazine when fully upgraded.


  • Rocket: Grenades traverse straight forward and detonate on impact.
  • Shoulder Stock: Upgrades the kampfpistole's grip into a rifle grip, which eliminates almost all recoil.
  • Spring Loader: Hold the trigger to charge up and fire up to three grenades in rapid succession.


  • Engraved on its side is the name of its manufacturer, Stahl.W.
  • The weapon was likely based on the real-world launcher of the same name, the Kampfpistole Z. Although the Kampfpistole Z can fire specialized explosive munitions, they are still technically modified grenades and not rockets like portrayed in the game.
    • The Kampfpistole's supposed "rockets" do not emit exhaust when fired.
  • The Kampfpistole from The Old Blood may be a precursor to the rocket launcher mounted on the Assault Rifle 1960 in The New Order.



Concept ArtsEdit