Karl Villigut

Karl Villigut

Karl Villigut waiting for B.J. Blazkowicz to enter his house.

Karl Villigut is a character who appears only in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. He is first encountered in the village in Part 1 of the mission Dark Secret. He is also a member of the Kreisau Circle.


He is located shortly after the first sniper and will greet B.J. Blazkowicz when all enemies have been eliminated. He provides the player with a Silenced Sten, a flak jacket, two packs of both 7.92mm rounds and .45 Cailber rounds, possibly supplied by the OSA or bought from the Black Market.


  • Karl Villigut is counted as a civilian, so killing him will fail the mission. However, this may accidentally happen, since he will appear almost immediately after all the enemies are wiped out.
  • Villigut is likely loosely based on the real Karl Wiligut, who is claimed to have served as one of Heinrich Himmler's advisors on the occult and helped create SS rituals and ceremonies which took place at Wewelsburg, the real castle that served as inspiration for Castle Wolfenstein.