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Katrin is Annette's lover[1]. She is an ordinary teenager from Wulfburg. She lives with her mother and her father in one of the wealthier neighborhoods.

The Old Blood Edit

Annette splits up from Ludwig Kessler in an attempt to find Katrin and save her, but she is soon surrounded by Shamblers in the Wulfburg bathhouse. B.J. has the hard choice to make on who to rescue.

If he chooses to go after Annette, Annette will continue her search for Katrin, finding her in a large house that has been sealed up to prevent the Shamblers from getting inside. She continues her attempt to find a way in.

After B.J. is rescued after killing the The Monstrosity, Katrin can be seen in either Kessler or Annette's ending:

  • In Kessler's ending, Katrin is standing forlornly on the quayside, looking downriver for any sign of Annette.
  • If B.J. rescued Annette, Katrin and her can both be seen on the pier reuniting and hugging each other.

Either way, Katrin (and/or Annette) are ordered to move on by an American soldier.



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