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Kessler in the start of the Mission 2.

Kessler is a partisan of the Kreisau Circle. His weapon is an M1 Thompson. His later status is unknown. In the end of the Tram Ride mission, he killed some Wehrmacht soldiers who tried to warn the SS about Blazkowicz's escape from Castle Wolfenstein. After that he said with the radio, that Blazkowicz is dead and the situation is under control (as a lie he wanted to help Blazkowicz). Kessler and Blazkowicz fled to Kessler's home without being seen by the Wehrmacht soldiers. In the next mission Village, he showed him the secret entrance to the café.


  • Kessler is possibly the only NPC in the entire Wolfenstein series that uses an American made weapon, the M1 Thompson, when most other Kreisau Circle members prefer German made MP40.
  • Kessler is classified as a civilian, killing him will fail the mission.


Return to Castle WolfensteinEdit

He first appears in the Tram Ride part of Ominous Rumors

The Old BloodEdit

Ludwig Kessler in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is based on Kessler, but the developers changed his appearance and personality. Another change is Kessler "remembers B.J.'s voice", but doesn't recognize him initially. B.J. also introduces himself as if he has never directly met him before, but only over radio.


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