Kommandant talking to BJ
Country of Origin Germany
Date of Death 1961
Sex Male
Nationality German
Occupation SS-Commander
Fate Deceased (shot in the head by Super Spesh)
Portrayer Heiko Obermoller
Appearance(s) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The Nazi Kommandant is a minor antagonist in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

New Colossus Edit

BJ is sitting at the counter of a diner in Roswell, New Mexico when a Nazi Kommandant comes strolling in rather boisterously.

After some chatter with the man behind the counter, and some slurping on the shake, the Kommandant turns his attention to BJ. Things start out friendly enough, but the Nazi begins to ask a couple of rather perilous questions, When he is about to leave the Diner, he looks at a wanted poster of BJ and begin to recognize him, He then panics and attempts to pull out his gun but is shot and killed by Super Spesh.



  • The Kommandant's actor, Heiko Obermoller also voiced Friedrich Keller.
  • He is credited as the Milikshake Nazi.

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