Kommandant Gruber is a minor antagonist in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

New ColossusEdit

At an unknown point in time before the events of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Gruber was assigned to the garrison of the Area 52 facility near Roswell, New Mexico.

In 1961 B.J. is sitting at the counter of Papa Joe's All-American Diner in Roswell when Kommandant Gruber comes strolling in rather boisterously, causing the mother and child in the diner to leave. While passing the Kommandant, he pats the boy's head. When the mother drops her bag in the rush to leave, Gruber hands it to her and waves them off.

After some chatter with the man behind the counter and some slurping on a strawberry milkshake (one of his favorite 'American things') Gruber then turns his attention to B.J., thinking he recognizes this fireman's face. Things start out friendly enough, but the Kommandant begins to ask a couple of rather perilous questions about an irregular detail on B.J's otherwise authentic-looking identification papers. Just as B.J. is going to have to formulate an answer, Gruber was interrupted by a communication from the Oberkommando, telling him that he's needed immediately. Finishing his milkshake, he turns to leave the diner, but notices a wanted poster of B.J. and realizes who "John Smith" really is. He then panics and attempts to pull his gun, but is shot and killed by Super Spesh.



  • The actor who portrayed Gruber, Heiko Obermoller, also voiced Friedrich Keller, who shares some similar qualities. Both Gruber and Keller lose their heads (with B.J. cutting off the latter's head with a chainsaw, as the former had his head shot off).
  • He seems to be based (in both performance and appearance) on the character Major Hellstrom, portrayed by August Diehl in the movie "Inglourious Basterds."
  • He is credited as the Milkshake Nazi. Fans on some online forums took to referring to him as "officer milschshake" or "Kommandant erdbeermilsch", but neither nickname is official.
  • Gruber's name is confirmed by an e-post found inside the Oberkommando, wherein one Vollrath Brotz writes that Gruber was supposed to bring back food from the diner to his post at the Oberkommando; due to his apparent tardiness, Brotz is left hungry.
  • At the bottom of a movie script fragment found at B.J’s house in Mesquite, Gruber left a recommendation to the writer that one of the things to do in America was to drink a milkshake (preferably strawberry).
  • Alternatively, while not a requirement, humorously, if the player clicks the melee button before you hand him your papers, BJ will kill him with the fire extinguisher.

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