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Kreisau door glow

The symbol of the Kreisau Circle, as seen on many doors in Wolfenstein.

The Kreisau Circle (German: Kreisauer Kreis) is an extensive resistance network of paramilitary fighters and informants in Germany wanting to overthrow the Nazi regime, with their headquarters based in the city of Isenstadt. They appear in the latest Wolfenstein games: Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein, and The New Order.

Caroline Becker and Erik Engle are the first and second in command of this group. Their members include Kessler and Karl Villigut, a spy for the Circle, and Hans Schmidt, a radio man who "steals" information from the Nazis and reports to the resistance.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Edit

In early 1943, Kessler managed to partially infiltrate the SS Paranormal Division's temporary headquarters and collect valuable information regarding their activities. B.J. Blazkowicz's mission was to meet Kessler, accompanied by Karl Villigut, in the village near the archaeological dig site. During the Deadly Designs mission, B.J. must defend a Kreisau-controlled Panzer and help Kreisau agents protect a defecting Nazi scientist. The Kreisau circle also supplied equipment and info on the X-Labs to B.J. and the OSA.

Membership Edit


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B.J. Blazkowicz was sent to Isenstadt in order to help the Kreisau Circle and find information about the Thule Medallion. Along with the OSA and the Golden Dawn, the Kreisau Circle is the primary mission giver. The Kreisau Circle cooperated with the Golden Dawn in tracking down the SS Paranormal Division and stopping them from harnessing the power of the Black Sun as a weapon. After B.J. destroyed the weapon, the Kreisau Circle liberated Isenstadt.

The New OrderEdit

Following Nazi Germany's victory in World War II, the Kreisau Circle remains one of the known active resistances against the Nazi regime for over a decade. The Kreisau Circle managed to stay hidden by headquartering inside the Monuments of Truth, in the center of Berlin.

Later in the game, the Kreisau Circle HQ is raided by the Nazis. Although eventually repelled by B.J. and the resistance fighters, the Kreisau Circle endured heavy losses; some of the members are captured and taken to Deathshead's compound, but they manage to survive the events of the game.

Membership Edit

Prior to 1960 Edit

Recruited in 1960 Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Kreisau Circle is based on its real-world counterpart, which was a group of German dissidents opposed to the Nazi regime centered on the Kreisau estate of Helmuth James Graf von Moltke. The name "Kreisau Circle" was given by the Gestapo and was never used by it's members. All known members were executed by the Nazis in 1944, a year prior to Nazi Germany's defeat and surrender. Unlike the real Kreisau Circle, the Kreisau Circle depicted in the Wolfenstein series is much larger and better organised. 


  • The Achievement/Trophy "Vive la resistance!" in The New Order features the Kreisau Circle "K" on the image. "Vive la" is roughly translated to "long live".

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