The Lasergewehr is one of four heavy weapons in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


The Lasergewehr is a Nazi energy weapon in use by 1960. It fires a red laser beam capable of melting certain metals or vaporizing humans. The firing mechanism requires a short charge cycle, after which the weapon can be fired in quick bursts or as a sustained beam, which rapidly drains its power reserves.

The weapon appears to run on regular electricity and many environments where it is found also contain charge stations. The Lasergewehr’s size and weight slows movement and prevents it from being added to the player’s inventory as a permanent, swappable weapon. It can be found as a stationary weapon emplacement or dual wielded by super soldiers. It also has a very iconic sound.


The Lasergewehr is a large cannon, painted black and consisting of a metal muzzle, likely containing some kind of focusing crystal or lens, and a less weaponized, more mechanical stock. The body of the weapon is covered in wiring and electronic components, as well as a fluted mechanism similar to a turbine.

When charging, the turbine spins, emitting a red glow and wrapping itself in red-tinted lightning. This may represent whatever lasing medium the gun uses being pumped with energy, or the turbine itself is some kind of generator or dynamo.


  • The weapon does not fire immediately, needing a few seconds to spin up to fire.
  • However, user can keep the weapon spinning with alt-fire, completely negating that drawback in exchange for being limited to walking speed.


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