This should be a complete list of Clipboards and Letters from Cursed Sands, the mission exclusive to console ports of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Note: These are the documents from Tides Of War version of the campaign, some of the documents in Operation: Resurrection are a bit different.

For documents from the original game, see List of Clipboards and Letters.

The documentsEdit


Document1 scaled



By order of Major Gerhard Wechsler of the Third Reich, all residents of the village of Ras el-Hadid are hereby ordered to remain in their homes from dusk until dawn until further notice. Anyone found on the streets after dusk may be shot on sight.


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To: General Von Stauff
From: Major Gerhard Wechsler
Subject: Assignment

My Dear General,

While it pleases me to be off continuing service to the Third Reich, I feel that my current assignment does not befit an officer of my training and experience. I did not spend two years at the Lichterfelde Academy to be relegated to babysitting a bunch of archaeologists. With the Africa campaign going as poorly as it is, I believe that my skills could be put to better use on the battlefield.

I appreciate your consideration on this matter.

Major Gerhard Wechsler
Ras el-Hadid, North Africa


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To: Captain Olaf Schaap
From: Major Gerhard Wechsler


In the interests of security, I have hired several of the locals to assist us in keeping a watchful eye throughout the village. Their knowledge of the area will be invaluable, and they should be able to alert us of any potential situations with the local community. Even though they will be working for us, you and your men should keep a close eye on them.

Major Gerhard Wechsler
Ras el-Hadid, North Africa


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To: Nazi Staff
Village of Ras el-Hadid
From: Major Gerhard Wechsler
Subject: Duties

It has come to my attention that many of the soldiers under my command have been neglecting their duties. While this is not a battlefield, I must remind you that as a soldier of the German Army, you are required to perform your duties with the same diligence that you would if we were engaged in combat. Any further reports of failure to perform assigned duties will result in court martial.

Major Gerhard Wechsler
Ras el-Hadid, North Africa

"Dig Safety"Edit

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To: Afrika Corps Dig Crew
From: Lieutenant Mehler
Subject: Dig Safety


Use extreme caution at all times within the tomb areas. Many dangers and traps abound, and some areas are prone to collapse without warning. Keep watch of your surroundings at all times. Our team has suffered several tragic losses which could have been prevented.

Lieutenant Karsten Mehler

"Misappropriation of equipment"Edit

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To: Afrika Corps Dig Crew
From: Sergeant Schluter
Subject: Misappropriation of equipment

During recent inventory checks, we have discovered several pieces of broken excavation equipment. It has been brought to my attention that some of you may be using the broken dig tools for sporting activities. Under no circumstances are dig tools to be used for any other unintended purpose!

Sergeant Thomas Schluter
Quartermaster, Africa Dig

"Your Student"Edit

Letter1 scaled

To: Professor Dieter Lehrer, German Archaeological Institute
From: Erik Lederer

My Dear Professor,

We have encountered many of the types of passages that you often described in your lectures. We have also discovered several artifacts that will be of great interest to you. I will be paying you a visit as soon as we return, as there will be many things to discuss.

Your student,
Erik Lederer


Letter1 scaled

To: Professor Werner Schmidt
Re: Artifact

Dear Professor,

I have uncovered a secret compartment containing what appears to be a valuable artifact. As a scientist, I'm sure that you can understand the importance of keeping such valuable items out of the hands of these thugs.

The secret compartment is in the lower tombs. After you pass that first nasty spike trap on the walls, you'll turn to the left and enter a larger chamber.

The compartment will then be directly ahead. This compartment is opened by a pair of displaced bricks to the left and right of the compartment. Both bricks must be pressed to access it.

I hope that you will find a way to keep this artifact safe from the Nazis.

Your colleague,
Gustav Mehlinger

"What they're looking for"Edit

Letter1 scaled

To: Sonja Fleischer

Dear Sonja,

I hope my letter finds you safe and well. Work progresses slowly here, but I expect that the scientists will find what they're looking for soon enough. It doesn't look like we'll have any trouble here in Egypt. I should be back home to Germany soon.

Tobias Metzger


Letter1 scaled

To: Major Gerhard Wechsler
From: Oberst von Bulow
Subject: Arrival


General Von Stauff informs me that you have expressed displeasure with your current assignment. The future of the Third Reich may very well hinge on the success of your operation, and I won't have you undermining my authority by attempting to go over my head. Your total disregard for the importance of this mission and lack of results leaves me no option but to fly to Egypt and ensure the success of the mission myself.

Oberst Helga von Bulow
SS Paranormal Division