TNO Lockpick

The green arrow must be aligned with the three small holes

Lockpick is a special skill available to William J. Blazkowicz in the Wyatt timeline of Wolfenstein: The New Order. The skill is acquired shortly after the beginning of the timeline, when the player has to escape the incinerator room of Deathshead's Compound.

Lockpicking allows the player to open certain round metallic locks and access areas that are unique to the Wyatt timeline, or take specific shortcuts in some levels.

Armor Upgrades are usually located in areas accessed via lockpicking. Several levels contain locked cabinets, which can be picked open and contain an Armor Upgrade.


Once they find a suitable lock, players first need to interact with it, in order to peel off its protective cover. Once this is done, the smaller metallic disc has to be rotated until the green arrow coincides with the three small holes on the larger wheel. Once all three pins click, the door is unlocked.

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