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The London Monitor (German: Das Auge von London, lit. The Eye of London) is a colossal robot designed by the Nazis. It appears in Wolfenstein: The New Order chapter 14 and the player has to face it as a boss fight. It has a more updated and advanced design than the Baltisches Auge.


Created by the Nazis from the remains of the Baltisches Auge (or the mech itself if not destroyed in the first level), the London Monitor was created in response to the urban unrest in London caused by British resistance fighters in the so-called August Uprising of 1951. After crushing the uprising, the machine has since been a weapon of oppression over London. Anyone who has dared fight the Nazi Riot Control and survived have no doubt met their end at this robot's massive dual tri-barrel rocket launchers, eye laser, and triple Gatling guns. Unfortunately for the mech, it finally met its end at the hands of B.J. Blazkowicz, when the two dueled at the front of the damaged London Nautica. Blazkowicz managed to destroy the mech's engine and weapons, wiping out the machine and ending London's oppressive icon.


  • The London Monitor's eye is the spot you want to hit while it's charging up its beam attack (it glows red). The secondary function of AR Marksman is very capable of this, though any other laser type weapons will work or the explosive rocket secondary of the assault rifle if you're feeling lucky.
  • Once the eye is hit, the six missile batteries will open, shoot one (two if the player is fast) while the missiles are being fired, this will cause the battery to be disabled. Disabling all six of these missile racks is your first priority.
  • Once all the launchers are destroyed, it will have to rely on its laser eye beam attack. Again, shoot its eye with one of your laser weapons, each time it starts charging up the beam attack. This will stun it and open the engine hatch at its bottom. You need to run directly underneath the Monitor and fire upwards into the engine to cause real permanent damage to it. After repeating this process several times, you will eventually defeat it. Make sure you have some health while doing this because its machine gun will not stop firing.
  • Try to stay in the tunnel while the eye is not open - the surface lacks cover and the Monitor has three accurate machine guns to harry the player. Although the tunnel will be partly destroyed by the Monitor, there are some permanent safe spots for the player.
    • Furthermore, the supplies and the charging stations can be found in the tunnels. Go there when you need to recharge AR Marksman or LaserKraftWerk, or you are low on health and armor.


  • The London Monitor is the largest mechanical boss so far in the Wolfenstein series.
  • In Wolfenstein: The New Order chapter 6, The London Monitor is slightly mentioned by Bobby when he drives the car; in Wyatt's timeline, the London Monitor is also slightly mentioned by Wyatt ("No sign of the London Monitor") at some point after Bobby sacrificed himself.
  • It is assumed this machine is operated by some form of artificial intelligence as it speaks in English with a German accent and taunts the player during the entire boss fight. The machine also screams when it is shot in the eye when it has its laser attack cut short.
  • Although highly unlikely, being stomped by it means instant death.

Quotes Edit

Before the boss fightEdit

  • "A known war criminal has been sighted. Curfew is in effect. Citizens of London, return to your homes."  - Before spotting BJ as it walks around the building
  • "Lay down your arms, terrorist. On behalf of the citizens of London, you are ordered to surrender." - When it sees BJ before the fight
  • "Cease your criminal activity." - When the actual fight begins

During the fightEdit

  • "You are antagonizing the rule of law."
  • "You are ordered to appear and receive punishment."
  • "You will not remain concealed."
  • "Hiding compounds your criminal offence."
  • "Your failure to appear has been noted."
  • "You will be found and punished."
  • "Submit yourself for sentencing."
  • "You will be located and brought to justice."

When damagedEdit

  • [Incoherent electronic scream] - when shot in the eye while charging its energy weapon
  • "You are causing damage to state property."
  • "You will cease causing damage to state property, immediately."
  • "The damage you are causing is aggravating the severity of your crime!"
  • "Damage to state property is tantamount to treason!"
  • "The damage you are causing will only hurt the citizens of London."


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