Ludwig Kessler
Luwig Kessler
Country of Origin Germany
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death March 16, 1946 Wulfburg, Germany (player-determined)
Age 30's to 40s
Sex Male
Nationality German
Occupation Allies/OSA Ally
German Resistance Leader
William J. Blazkowicz's ally
Fate Alive
Deceased: Reanimated into a Shambler, then killed by B.J. (player-determined)
Portrayer Urs Remond
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
  • "If you chose to do nothing because you feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things, you might as well be an ant."
    ―Kessler to Blazkwoicz.

    Ludwig Kessler is a character in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, who is based on the original Kessler (in Return to Castle Wolfenstein). In the original game Kessler did not have a known first name.

    He returns in the new game but the developers have changed his appearance, personality and backstory.


    Kessler's wife Sophie was hanged by the neck for distributing leaflets against the German government at Berlin University. He became an Allied agent, using his tavern in Paderborn to hide Allied spies and a young Jewish fugitive, Annette Krause.

    Kessler is Richard Wesley and B.J. Blazkowicz's contact in Castle Wolfenstein to find the folder for Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse's location. When they cannot find the folder in the castle, Kessler radios to them to return to Paderborn. Only B.J. makes it back alive.

    Kessler is either killed and reanimated as a Shambler, or is saved by B.J. as Annette is killed. If Kessler lives he later messages B.J about hijacking a zeppelin and flying off to Berlin to spread flyers around for as long as he can.


    Behind the scenes Edit

    The player can read Kessler's backstory in his cellar in Paderborn, including a leaflet written by his wife, Sophie. The leaflet is written in the style of those distributed by the White Rose, a real German student resistance group led by Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans, both of whom were executed.

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