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The Thompson
Ammunition type .45 ACP
Magazine capacity 30
Max ammunition in reserve 300
Fire type Fully automatic
Games Return to Castle Wolfenstein,
Enemy Territory

The M1 Thompson, better known as the "Tommy Gun", is a .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) submachine gun used by the United States throughout World War II. In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the M1 is Blazkowicz's signature weapon and the one of two weapon that originally wield by american through out the series. Thompson is one of two allied weapon owned by German resistance, the other being Sten. 


Single PlayerEdit

In SP, the Thompson is first obtained at the start of mission 2. Then you can obtain it from a supply drop in mission 3. After that, it appears with you at the start of a new mission.

The Thompson does slightly more damage than the MP40 (8 vs 6). It also has good accuracy even in full-auto, which makes it great for killing the regular Nazi troops (with the exception of the Black Guard and Elite Guard). However, there is rarely any additional ammo for it throughout the levels, (even though there are some ammo packs, you will find them in secret areas) so don't expect to find any more when you run out. The Thompson shares its ammo with Colt M1911, so use them wisely. If you are nearing the end of the mission however, you can use the weapon until its out of ammo, because you will get the ammo in the next mission (except mission 7, which you will not receive additional supplies), no matter how many ammo you spend/conserved, the ammo count will reset in the next one.

It is ineffective against X-Creatures, so don't even bother trying to use it on them. Keep it for the regular troops or the emergency situations.


In MP, the Thompson is the Americans' standard SMG. It has good accuracy and slightly better damage than MP 40, but the Thompson users will have less ammo. So use it wisely.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Edit

In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the Thompson is identical to the MP40. It deals 18 points damage in a body shot, 40 with a headshot if the enemy has a helmet and 50 if he does not.


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