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Machine Gun

Animated Machine Gun
The original Machine Gun's view graphics.

Animated Lost Episodes Machine Gun
The Machine Gun's view graphics in the Mission packs.

Weapon type Hitscan
Base damage 0-21
This article is for the weapon from Wolfenstein 3D. For other uses, see Machine gun (disambiguation).

The Machine Gun is an automatic weapon used in Wolfenstein 3D. Its rate of fire can destroy clusters of Guards and take out up to three SS with little difficulty. SS are equipped with Machine Guns, and will drop one if killed and the player doesn't have one.

It can first be found in E1M01.



The Machine Gun's world graphic in post-Jaguar ports.

As stated earlier, the Machine Gun can destroy groups of Guards. Even large groups (5+) will fall to the Machine Gun in a matter of seconds.

It's also useful against small groups (1-3) of Mutants (up to 3), SS (up to 2) and Officers (up to 3). However, the Machine Gun lacks the rate of fire necessary to take out larger groups, so switch to the Chain Gun if you find a 4+ large group of Mutants, SS, Officers and Guards.

The Machine Gun is invaluable for conserving ammo, especially in harder difficulties. Small groups of enemies (2-3) can be taken out with the Machine Gun with much less ammo waste than the Chain Gun, so keep it out until you meet large groups of Mutants, SS and Officers. Since it fires only one round when quickly tapped, it can also be used in a new room to awaken enemies, allowing you to temporarily retreat into a previous room and take them out as they hunt you from the new room.

The Machine Gun's slow rate of fire makes it somewhat ineffective against bosses. If you don't have a Chain Gun when you approach a boss, use the Machine Gun to take potshots at the boss while avoiding their attacks.


  • The SS's Machine Gun has a slower rate of fire than the player's, contrary to the automatic firing.
    • The player's Machine gun also has a slower rate of fire in the SNES, Mac & 3DO ports.
  • The original DOS sprite looks like an MP40, while the mission packs' sprite looks like a STG-44, and the Mac Family's sprite looks like a mix between an M16A2 and an MP40.
    • The Jaguar's machine gun HUD sprite was often commented to resemble an M16-style rifle, although it was an MP40.


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