"Now that's the Professor. She's got them eyes, can see a speck of dirt in a cow's ass out a hundred yards."
―Horton Boone to B.J. about the Professor.
Mary Sue 'Professor' Ellington is a sniper of the New Orleans Resistance Cell, led by Horton Boone. She is first seen in the American Bank building where William J. Blazkowicz is introduced to her and Paris Jack, who learn that he is "Terror Billy". Stating it's clear, she kills a Nazi soldier with her Sturmgewehr, before a battle begins as Horton decides to help B.J. and the Kreisau Circle after their drunken argument.

She quite skilled sniper since Horton states that she can snipe a Nazi at a hundred yards. In addition, she appears to know of Blazkowciz's apparent death by the hands of Irene Engel, asking him wasn't he killed by that "Nazi bitch".

She is slapped by Sigrun Engel after she finds out she and Bombate kissed at BJ's 50th birthday party. In turn, she slaps Bombate after finding out about his previous relationship with Sigrun.


"Streets are quiet Horton. Nobody's ... wait {kills a Nazi soldier). Yes, streets are quiet."
―Professor to Horton Boone.
"Didn't that Nazi bitch kill you?"
―Professor to B.J. Blazkowicz.
"I know who he is. Oh dammit, here they come. Paris, I'm feeling a little jittery, you mind taking the edge off?"
―Professor to Paris Jack.


  • The Professor is the main character in the present day in the Titan Comics Wolfenstein comic miniseries.

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