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The Maschinenpistole (MP61) of 1961 is an automatic firearm utilized by Nazi soldiers in the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Like the SMG featured in The New Order, it is the first weapon used by the player.


A standard-issue gun used by the regular Nazi soldier and a replacement for the standard 1960 Assault Rifle for regular soldier. Its high fire-rate makes it useful for taking multiple enemies at close range. This weapon's functionality and role is very similar to the American SMG used in The New Order.


  • Nailgun - heats bullets, making them more damaging while decreasing their travel time.
  • Drum Magazine - doubles magazine capacity, perfect for dual-wielding.
  • Integral Suppressor - mow down enemies without raising alarms.


  • The Maschinenpistole is likely a post-war successor to the MP40 featured in the earlier WW2-era installments, as it shares a similar visual profile and degree of usage.
  • The Maschinenpistol's trigger group is from the Walther MP submachine gun while its barrel shroud resembles that of an Intratec TEC-9. However, the whole design mostly resembles Smith and Wesson's copy of the Swedish Kpist-M45


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