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The Maschinenpistole (MP61) of 1961 is an automatic firearm utilized by Nazi soldiers in the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Like the SMG featured in The New Order, it is the first weapon used by the player.


A standard-issue gun used by the regular Nazi soldier and a replacement for the standard 1960 Assault Rifle for regular soldier. Its high fire-rate makes it useful for taking multiple enemies at close range. This weapon's functionality and role is very similar to the American SMG used in The New Order.


  • Nailgun - heats bullets, making them more damaging while decreasing their travel speed.
  • Drum Magazine - doubles magazine capacity, perfect for dual-wielding.
  • Integral Suppressor - mow down enemies without raising alarms.


  • The Maschinenpistole is likely a post-war successor to the MP40 featured in the earlier WW2-era installments, as it shares a similar visual profile and degree of usage.
  • The Maschinenpistol's trigger group is from the Walther MP submachine gun while its barrel shroud resembles that of an Intratec TEC-9. However, the whole design mostly resembles Smith and Wesson's M76 copy of the Swedish Carl Gustav m/45.
  • The gun is shown to fire 9mm rounds, which is strange considering the Allies had to modify their Thompson submachine guns to use .30 caliber to combat Nazi body armor. It is possible that the Maschinenpistole uses a full metal jacket on their 9mm rounds to power the gun enough to punch through body armor.
  • The Maschienenpistole has a unique draw/switch animation. Whenever B.J. draws, the weapon, he will unfold the stock and fold it when switching or duel-wielding it.


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