This page is about the item from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. For the item from Wolfenstein 3D, see Food.

Hot and cold meals are health items that player can eat. They are found on various levels throughout the game.


There are two types of food items in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Hot MealEdit


The Hot Meal looks like your basic dinner on a plate, what appears to be a chicken leg, a chicken wing, a baked potato, and a dinner roll or a thick sausage. This steaming plate restores more health than a Cold Meal, but it does not restore as much health as a large Health Pack. It contains two servings and is found on dining tables or sometimes kitchens or crews quarters. Don't expect to find a meal in a ditch or a trench.

Cold MealEdit


The Cold Meal looks like a tube of salami or a similar meat and bread on a cutting board. Most likely to make a sandwich. The Cold Meal restores less health than both the Hot Meal and the Health Pack. It contains two servings and is found on tables. Cold meals are a little more common than hot meals.


Both the hot and cold meals appear in Return to Castle Wolfenstein only.