Midtown is located in the heart of Isenstadt, the fictional German city in Wolfenstein. It is devided into Midtown East and Midtown West. Both areas are regularly patroled by Nazi soldiers.


Midtown was fairly peaceful until General Victor Zetta arrived and declaired marshal law. His violent oppression led many citizens to join the Kreisau Circle. Much of Midtown is in ruins and firefights between Nazis and Kreisau Agents are fairly comon in certian areas. The Black Market and Kreisau Circle and Golden Dawn all have thier headquarters in this area. After B.J. Blazkowicz kills General Zetta all three groups relocate to Downtown.

The area is initionaly patroled by Wehrmacht soldiers but as you complete missions ScribesElite GuardsHeavy Troopers and SS Soldiers will also appear.


There are Forty-Four Gold, Fourteen Intel and Nine Tomes found in this area.