Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the hometown of the the Blazkowicz/Blaze family in the original Wolfenstein timeline. Presumably where B.J was born. B.J.'s son Arthur Kenneth Blaze became a famous Milwaukee talkshow host/tv personality.

Behind the scenesEdit

B.J. has a western to mid-western accent in Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein 2009 in reference to the original backstories.

In the The New Order he is reimagined and reinvented, and is given a southern accent and is said to have grown up near Mesquite, Texas on a farm in the desert, he remembers time spent at Forney Lake, and the Gulf of Mexico. This is actually an Easter egg and nod to the original location of 'id Software'.

In real-life Milwaukee has a large Polish population, and is the home to the Polish Festival. Which explains the Blazkowicz' family's connection to the city. [1]