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Lunar Base

The Mondbasis Eins (lit. "Moonbase One") is the primary lunar colony the Nazis established in the late 1950s, after achieving spaceflight. It is seen only in Wolfenstein: The New Order.


The lunar base was first built in 1956. It is located in an ancient impact crater known as the Glimmer Bowl. An ever evolving complex populated by military personnel, miners, industrial workers and scientists, the lunar base is projected to have reached the size of a small city within four years. The base serves as the first and foremost centre of research for the Third Reich.

Hangar bayEdit

Nazi Space Shuttle

There have been surprisingly few accidents since the lunar base project was initiated. Last years hangar shuttle crash, claiming 14 lives, increased the total death count to 69. Compared to the thousands of people who died during the construction of Gibraltar Bridge, this is a relatively small number.

Decontamination Block D-7Edit

The lunar base is the testing site for advanced technological research. Because of the sensitive materials involved in this research, the automated decontamination blocks are used for cleaning and preparing new test subjects.

Wolfenstein: The New OrderEdit

B. J. Blazkowicz, under the guise of the London Nautica Chief of Science, visits the Nazi Moonbase during the course of the game in search of the launch codes for the U-boat nuclear cannon. The station itself is relatively cramped with long, narrow hallways routinely patrolled by the resident personnel of the base.




  • As suggested by its name, the Mondbasis Eins is the first installation created amongst a plausible complex of various planetside facilities that are not accessible during gameplay.
  • The track Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja by Die Käfer can be heard in this map, through the PA system during the monorail sequence.

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