The music of Wolfenstein 3D, composed by Robert Prince, set the mood for many of the levels of the game.

The tracksEdit

Wolfenstein 3D Title Theme01:35

Wolfenstein 3D Title Theme

wolfenstein 3d title theme

Wolfenstein 3d Music - Main Menu02:28

Wolfenstein 3d Music - Main Menu

wolfenstein 3d main menu music

Wolfenstein 3d Music - Funk That02:05

Wolfenstein 3d Music - Funk That

wolfenstein 3d first level music

Wolfenstein 3d Music - Get Them!01:54

Wolfenstein 3d Music - Get Them!

wolfenstein 3d level music

Wolfenstein 3d Music - War March02:17

Wolfenstein 3d Music - War March

wolfenstein 3d boss music

Wolfenstein 3D - Boss Track 2 (The Ultimate Challenge)01:15

Wolfenstein 3D - Boss Track 2 (The Ultimate Challenge)

final boss music of wolfenstein 3d


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