The UberSoldat android model are human-sized robots designed and used by the Nazis. These androids are exclusive to the game Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

Wolfenstein 2: The New ColossusEdit



An UberSoldat in action in Area 52.

A new breed of robot, these androids are built to be human-sized, in stark contrast to the heavy Guard Robot models seen in post-war Europe. With a skeletal head and a powerful chassis frame, the UberSoldat model's main advantage is its incredible speed, and high agility, allowing it to sprint and jump great distances, and even stick to walls. Its main offensive weapons are two powerful blasters attached to its arms, which it uses to fire rapid bursts of energy at potential foes, particularly at a distance.

Strategy Edit

The UberSoldat is an extremely agile enemy, and can be deadly from a distance, firing bursts of energy while constantly moving throughout the map, taking advantage of walls and platforms to stay out of the reach of the player. However, at close range, the UberSoldat can be taken down with ease, particularly with the Fire Axe, given its weak armor plating. Additionally, the power source of the robot can be disabled, namely by tampering with a fuel cell located on the back of the UberSoldat.

Trivia Edit

  • The UberSoldat android model greatly resembles the T-800 series Terminator from the franchise of the same name.
  • In addition, the skull-like visage of the UberSoldat could be a reference to the Totenkopf, a skull and crossbones symbol that represented the SS.

Gallery Edit

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