Neumond Records (lit. "Newmoon Records") is a fictional recording company in the alternate version of the 1960's where the Nazis rule the world. The tracks published under the label are mostly parodies and homages to real pop songs of the period "modified" to suit Nazi themes and doctrines.

Neumond's Television Productions division appears to have had a direct connection to another part of the Nazi propaganda machine Paragon Pictures, which in turn suggests that the Nazi collaborator Chuck Lorentz may have also been involved with Neumond.

After the event of the New Colossus, the company is forced to evacuate their employees, executives and resources out of the US due to the increasing activities of the American Resistance Network as well as the fact that the Nazi regime is losing control of the US at a fast rate. However, the most important fact that nearly the entire American people now have grown sick of Nazi propaganda already.


Some of these tracks can either be collected in the form of vinyl records as mission-specific Collectables to be played later, or heard throughout the game as ambient. Not all of them are present in the game, however and none are included in the official soundtracks collection by Mick Gordon.

Song LyricsEdit

When Die Käfer was formed by four Englishmen from Liverpool in Nazi-controlled Great Britain, they were faced with a choice: either start singing in German or face banning and detainment by the Nazi regime. Die Käfer chose to adapt to the times. They changed their name and learned how to sing in German. Currently, they're touring Europe to promote their latest "Das Blaue U-Boot" album. Rumor has it that they lace their innocuous pop music with hidden codes which subvert the original meanings of the lyrics.


Drei, Zwo, Eins, Start
Der Mond schaut uns an und wir zurück.
Der Mond ist über uns, wird uns gehören.
Gestern die Welt und heute der Himmel,
Denn uns gehört er und die Freiheit fliegt.

Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja.
Vereint wir sind unter dem großen Forscher.
Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja.
Heute gehört uns die Galaxie.

Vorwärts Brüder unser Mond ist rot.
Wir werden den kleinen Fels erobern.
Wir sind die jenen, die den Himmel beherrschen,
Denn wir sind die Größten im Universum.

Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja
Vereint wir sind unter dem großen Forscher.
Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja
Heute gehört uns die Galaxie.

English Translation:
Three, two, one, start
The moon looks at us and we look back.
The moon is above us, will be ours.
Yesterday the world and today the sky,
For it belongs to us and the Freedom Flies.

Moon, Moon, Yes, Yes
United we are under the great researchers.
Moon, Moon, Yes, Yes
Today the galaxy belongs to us.

Forward brothers, our moon is red.
We will conquer the small rock.
We are those who have mastered the skies,
For we are the greatest in the universe.

Moon, Moon, Yes, Yes
United we are under the great researchers.
Moon, Moon, Yes, Yes
Today the galaxy belongs to us.

Neumond Recordings isn't just for those zany kids. Our family of artists also includes Germania's greatest performers of our People's Music. The kind of music Opa and Oma would like. The jewel of our crown is Wilbert Eckart and his Volksmusik All-Stars. From polka and waltzes to boarischer and marches, they represent the Fatherland at its finest: beer, Braten, and the German way of life. From the classics you grew up with to today's pop, interpreted into pure German tradition, Wilbert Eckart - his Volksmusik All-Stars have something for everyone.


Es gibt ein Haus in Neu-Berlin,
man nennt es Haus Abendrot.
Es war der Ruin vieler guter Jungs,
von mir, mein Gott litt ich Not.

Hätt ich meinem Anführer zugehört
Ich wäre heute Daheim
war jung und dumm
war ein armer Jung
auf dem Abweg geführt und gemein.

Sagt meinem kleinem Schwesterlein
das Sie mir nicht nachrennt
Soll meiden das Haus in Neu-Berlin
das Haus Abendrot man nennt.

Meine Mutter war eine Schneiderin
verkaufte diese Uniform
meine Liebste ist eine Trinkerin
mein Gott Sie trinkt gern in Neu-Berlin

Ich geh zurück nach Neu-Berlin
ein Getriebener von meiner Not
den Rest meiner Tage bleib ich dort
Dort bei dem Haus Abendrot.

English Translation:
There is a house in New Berlin
they call the Setting Sun.
It's been the ruin of many good boys
from me, my God I suffered misery.

Had I listened to my leader,
today I would be at home.
I was young and foolish,
a very poor boy,
on the wrong path and wicked.

(People) tell my little sister
not to go where I have gone,
to avoid the house in New Berlin
the house called the Setting Sun.

My mother was a tailor
she sold this uniform.
My darling she's a drinker
and god she likes drinkin' in New Berlin.

I'm goin' back to New Berlin
my burden drives me there.
I'll stay there for the rest of my life
at the house of the Setting Sun.

The embodiment of young love, Karl and Karla sing of holding hands, quiet strolls, and picnics in the rolling hills. They long for a peck on the cheek and a date to the cinema. And don't worry, they'll be home by curfew and so will your little lovebirds!


Tapf'rer, kleiner Liebling,
Weiter weg als ich es mag,
Tapf'rer, kleiner Liebling,
Du gestaltest den Tag,
Gib Acht auf dich und bleib bei mir,
Wenn ich's dir sag,
Mein kleiner Liebling

Tapf'rer, kleiner Liebling,
Ich bin dein, du bist mein,
Liebling, so lieblich und
kühl wie der Rhein,
Schenk mir ein Glass ein,
Von deinem süßem Wein,
Mein kleiner Liebling

Mir fehlt die Blume in deinem Haar,
Die Schnitzel, die wir aßen als ein Paar,
Es gibt mir Kraft zu wissen, du bist da,
Bis du zurück bist,
Ich kehre zurück zu meinem
Tapferen kleinen Liebling,
Bis dahin, träume schön,
Träume so süß wie bayerische Creme,
Standhaft wie die Alpen, in Bayern immer stehen,

Ich muss erfüllen meine Pflicht,
Ich weiß und ich bin stolz auf dich,
Tapferer, kleiner Liebling,
Ich bleib treu.

English Translation:
Brave, little darling,
Further away than I like,
Brave, little darling,
You shape the day,
Take care of yourself and stay with me,
If I'm telling you,
My little darling

Brave, little darling,
I am yours, you are mine,
Darling, so lovely and
cool as the Rhine,
Give me a glass,
From your sweet wine,
My little darling

I miss the flower in your hair,
The Schnitzel, which we ate as a pair,
It gives me strength to know you're there,
Until you are back,
I (will) come back to my
Brave little darling,
Till then, dream nice,
Dreams so sweet like bavarian creme,
Steadfast like the Alps, in Bavaria forever stay,

I must do my duty,
I know and I'm proud of you,
Brave, little darling,
I'll stay loyal.

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  • Some of the songs published under Neumond's label were omitted from the game due to their owners not wanting their works to be associated with Nazi imagery. Only the ones that have received full permission, were Bethesda's own creations (Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja) or based on musical pieces widely available within the public domain (House of the Rising Sun/Haus Abendrot) are allowed to make an in-game appearance.
  • In the Roswell demo, if you look closely at the Jukebox, It says Neumond Recordings and if you listen closely in the German version of the Demo, you can hear Berlin Boys and Stuttgart Girls in the background