Officer House

Inside the Officer's House.

Officer's House is a location located near the Warehouse and Black Market in the North next door. It is the second side mission available after the player completes the first side mission at the Warehouse. Because the code book cannot be read without the decoder, B.J. Blazkowicz takes on the mission to find the translator in the Officer's House and manages to get it and silence all of the soldiers that guard the safe, including General Wolfgang Statz himself.


Like all the houses from the Midtown district of Isenstadt, it appears as an ordinary civilian residence within the town.

Mission (step-by-step)Edit

  • Investigate the House.
  • Kill the General.
  • Take the code wheel.
  • Return to Midtown.


There are a total of 11 Gold, 4 Intel and 1 Tome found throughout this level.



  • There is a fire axe on one of the bunk beds. another one can found from one of the locker. nazis hit by the fire axe will lose their legs, arm and heads.
  • This is the final appearance of General Statz.
  • Glasses installed on double door to library of Statz's home are bulletproof, however with Empower, Blazkowicz can shoot through glasses and "kill" the general before he escapes to the hidden chamber where decoder is located. But after flipping the switch to reveal the chamber, Statz still appears as the target of assassination since he is scripted to be killed in this way.