Officers are an enemy B.J. encounters in Wolfenstein RPG. They are divided into Lieutenants, Captains, and Colonels.

On the first level, The Tower, B.J. fights an officer named Keifer, who commands the prison where tests of different serums are held.

On the level Harbinger, B.J. fights an officer who appears to be in charge of SS Paranormal Division activity and is the Spy's colleague. He may be General Tooknap mentioned in one of the posts inside the Castle, being the leader of SS Special Weapons and Paranormal Division.

In the same level, Harbinger, B.J. encounters Officer Abendroth, a man B.J. already heard of and even seen once. The officer is a comic relief, he is known for his love to romantic novels (scattered throughout the game) and is always looking for a chance to read them. B.J. spoils his reading and kills him.

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