Olaric is a monsterous necromancer met in second level of Wolfenstein RPG, "Catacombs", as a boss. He is based on the monster of the same name from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. RPG's Olaric is a big monster with claws and mouth full of sharp teeth who is able to jump and moves very fast.


Olaric is monstrous reincarnation of a man who was buried in ancient catacombs. B.J. discovered him when he entered his tomb. Olaric had already killed a lot of Nazis including an officer and started to attack B.J. The OSA agent managed to fight off the creature, then followed and killed it.

Behind the scenes Edit

As part of the greater ID universe timeline this is likely intended to be the same character as the Olaric from RTCW as Wolf RPG is roughly set before RTCW before B.J. Is promoted to Captain, perhaps the year before (and includes most of the Wolf series, Commander Keen and Doom RPG/1-3, and perhaps Quake series in the same timeline). This would represent more the physical remains of Olaric, while the later manifestation in 1943 is his spiritual remains.

Original Olaric was a bit similar in appearance, but physically different in fighting styles.