"It's over. The Nazis rule the world now. They are everywhere. Everywhere."
―Olenka telling B.J. of the Nazis' rule.[src]

Olenka Targonski is the maternal grandmother of Anya Oliwa in : The New Order. She is the mother of Anya's mother, Róża, who was killed admist the Nazis' massacre at the asylum.


Raised in a poor area of Warsaw with her father and five siblings, Olenka despises the city life. To her, being close to nature is as vital as breathing. Olenka is spirited and sociable, always eager to provide guests with something to eat or drink and maybe a drinking glass of vodka for the men. If someone declines, she gives it away to them anyway.

The New OrderEdit

"Hm. Good aim for an old dame."
―B.J. on Olenka's shooting skills.[src]

The Nazis stormed into the mental hospital, Anya and her parents worked at, with orders to execute all the patients. During the process, Anya's parents were killed. Anya and another patient B.J Blazkowicz were able to escape and made their way to her grandparents' house. The elder couple watched as they pull over. As Anya explained to her grandparents what happened, B.J finds out that Friedrich Keller, the Nazi officer responsible for the hospital massacre was hiding in the car they escaped with. B.J overpowers Keller and drags him to Anya's grandparents so they can see the man who caused their daughter's death. A weeping Olenka approaches Keller and strikes him with weak strength. 

Afterward, Olenka and her family tell B.J. of the Nazis winning the war with the atom bombs, and telling him that their is no resistance. She also informs that no one knows where resistance members are, leading to B.J. to interrogate Keller as Olenka plays music over it. The family and B.J. drive to Berlin, with them having to kill Nazis at each outpost, with Olenka killing one with Roman's double-barreled shotgun. Afterward, Olenka and Roman bid farewell to B.J. and Anya as they board a train to Berlin.

The New ColossusEdit

A picture of Olenka with Roman appears on Venus in the room with the first Commander alongside pictures of Irene Engel. Another picture is seen on the Eva's Hammer in B.J. and Anya's room near their bed.