This page is about the mission. For the Playstation 2 port by the same name, see Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection.

Operation Resurrection is the seventh and final mission in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It also refers to a major Nazi operation mentioned in intelligence found throughout the game.

B.J. Blazkowicz fights his way through a Nazi dig site and Undead-infested castle ruins in order to reach the site where Heinrich I was imprisoned 1000 years ago. Failing to stop Marianna Blavatsky from performing the dark ritual, Blazkowicz has no choice but to face the evil medieval prince in combat.

Eventually, Heinrich falls, which spells doom to Operation Resurrection and end the Nazis' evils plans for global domination.


There are three different parts of this mission. They are detailed below:

Part 1: The DigEdit

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Part 2: Return to Castle WolfensteinEdit


  • Locate the entrance to the main dig site.

Part 3: HeinrichEdit

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