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Operation Return to Castle Wolfenstein was an operation by the Allied forces to send William "B.J." Blazkowicz and Webley "Agent One" back to Castle Wolfenstein as B.J. had been there on previous missions to stop Operation Eisenfaust, and/or defeat Adolf Hitler (Original Encounter), see Welcome Back, Soldier. Their mission was to find out more about Operation Resurrection.[1] The plans for the mission began back around July 14, 1942.

Behind the scenesEdit

The mission is mentioned in some images of classified folders in the strategy guide for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The introduction to the guide suggests that Wolfenstein 3D takes place before Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Tides of War and Wolfenstein 3D Classic place the events of Wolf 3-D as a 'second campaign' (or 'later' campaigns) after Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Wolf 3-D Classic dates the events of the later campaigns at Feburary, 1945 (including Spear of Destiny).

Wolfeinstein (2009) appears to suggest that events of Wolfenstein 3D may have occured before the game, in particular the graphic novels released alongside the game's release. With the order being Spear of Destiny, Wolf 3D, & RTCW (or Spear of Destiny, RTCW, Wolf 3-D).


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