The system of Perks is a new gameplay mechanic introduced in Wolfenstein: The New Order and subsequently appearing again in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, albeit slightly reworked.


Perks are essentially a system of minor upgrades that enhances Blazkowicz's combat aptitude by increasing his maximum health, ammo count, and so on.

To unlock a perk, a certain requirement must be met and, in some cases, another prerequisite perk must be owned before it will register progress. All perks come with their own achievements.

Currently, perk progression (if cumulative) will not reset if an earlier checkpoint is loaded, thus allowing patient players to slowly grind towards their desired target with minimal effort.

Note: Perks and unlock progression are not available when playing extra modes or Combat Challenges.

The New Order perksEdit

The New Order's perk system is divided into four separate trees: Stealth, Tactical, Assault and Demolition. With certain exceptions, most of these perks are relatively simple and straightforward to unlock due to them tracking cumulative progress rather than requiring the performance of a specific action.

Due to the aforementioned loophole, one can manage to unlock a large portion of the skill map during the prologue.

Scout I Scout I
Stealth killing commanders will add interest points to the current map. Displays on-screen commander intel.
Requirements: perform 1 stealth kill on a commander.
Knife throwing Knife throwing
Unlocks the ability to throw knives at a target.
Requirements: perform 5 stealth kills.
Knife sheath + Knife sheath +
Increases the amount of knives you can carry by one knife.
Requirements: Knife throwing, perform 5 stealth kills with throwing knives.
Knife sheath ++ Knife sheath ++
Increases the amount of knives you can carry by one additional knife.
Requirements: Knife sheath +, perform 20 stealth kills with throwing knives.
Silent shot Silent shot
Increases damage when using silenced handgun.
Requirements: perform 5 stealth kills with a silenced handgun.
Vampire Vampire
Unlocks the ability to receive health from performing takedowns. Health points are added up to maximum health level.
Requirements: Silent shot, perform 5 stealth takedowns while overcharged.
Scout II Scout II
Displays commanders on the map.
Requirements: perform 5 stealth commander kills.
Assassin Assassin
Reduces the sounds made when sprinting. Increases movement speed when crouching.
Requirements: perform 50 stealth kills on enemy soldiers and 5 stealth Kampfhund kills.

Deadeye Deadeye
Increases damage from headshots when aiming down a weapon's sights.
Requirements: 3 assault rifle and 3 pistol headshot kills while aiming down the sights.
Quick draw Quick draw
Increases the speed with which weapons are equipped and unequipped.
Requirements: perform 40 headshot kills.
Quick regeneration Quick regeneration
Increases the speed with which health is regenerated.
Requirements: overcharge health to 200.
Gun magazine + Gun magazine +
Increases the handgun's magazine size.
Requirements: perform 15 pistol kills from cover.
Shotgun magazine + Shotgun magazine +
Increases the shotgun's magazine size.
Requirements: Gun magazine +, perform 10 ricochet kills with the Automatic Shotgun's shrapnel mode.
AR magazine + AR magazine +
Increases the assault rifle's magazine size.
Requirements: perform 80 assault rifle kills from cover.
Marksman magazine + Marksman magazine +
Increases the Marksman's magazine size.
Requirements: AR magazine +, perform 3 consecutive kills with the AR Marksman without leaving scope view.
Quick reload Quick reload
Increases the weapon reload speed.
Requirements: perform 100 assault rifle kills, 50 handgun kills and 25 Marksman kills.

Double reload Double reload
Increases the reload speed when dual-wielding.
Requirements: perform 10 dual-wield kills.
Endurance I Endurance I
Increases the dual-wielding sprint speed.
Requirements: perform 3 kills while sprint-sliding.
Scavenger Scavenger
Increases ammunition loot from dual-wield kills.
Requirements: Endurance I, perform 3 kills in a row with dual-wielded assault rifles without releasing the trigger.
Bullet feeder Bullet feeder
Increases the ammunition storage for all turret guns.
Requirements: perform 20 kills while mounted on a turret.
Endurance II Endurance II
Increases movement speed while holding a turret gun.
Requirements: Bullet feeder, perform 5 consecutive kills in 10 seconds with the Machine Gun 1946 or Machine Gun 1960.
Autopanzer Autopanzer
Unlocks the ability to receive armor from quick consecutive kills.
Requirements: empty a fully-loaded LaserKraftWerk without missing.
LKW battery + LKW battery +
Increases battery size for all energy weapons.
Requirements: Autopanzer, perform 5 ricochet kills with an upgraded LaserKraftWerk.
Dual-wield expert Dual-wield expert
Increases ammunition storage for all weapons. Increases the chance of dual-wield dismemberment.
Requirements: perform 100 dual-wield kills and 25 LaserKraftWerk kills.

Throwback Throwback
Unlocks the ability to throw back grenades.
Requirements: kill 2 enemies with one grenade explosion.
Grenade pouch + Grenade pouch +
Increases the amount of grenades you can carry by one grenade.
Requirements: perform 10 grenade kills.
Grenade pouch ++ Grenade pouch ++
Increases the amount of grenades you can carry by one grenade.
Requirements: Grenade pouch +, kill a commander with a grenade.
Bullseye Bullseye
Makes grenades detonate on target.
Requirements: Grenade pouch ++, kill 5 mechanical enemies with grenades.
Rocket magazine + Rocket magazine +
Increases the assault rifle's rocket ammunition storage.
Requirements: Bullseye, perform 5 dual-wielded underbarrel launcher kills within 10 seconds.
Vaporize Vaporize
Increases explosive vaporization.
Requirements: get 5 explosive kills by shooting enemies to make them drop their grenades.
Sentinel Sentinel
Reduces damage taken from own explosives.
Requirements: Vaporize, kill 5 enemies by throwing back grenades.
Hardened Hardened
Reduces damage taken from enemy explosives.
Requirements: kill 50 enemies with grenades or the underbarrel launcher.

The Old Blood perksEdit

Perks in The Old Blood are no longer divided into separate trees with the exception of Health and Armor upgrades. Regardless, the same basic principle (and loophole) still applies.

Armor upgrade I Armor upgrade I
Unlocks the ability to overcharge armor.
Requirements: collect 100 helmets from enemy soldiers.
Armor upgrade II Armor upgrade II
Increases maximum armor points by 25.
Requirements: overcharge armor to 200.
Health upgrade I Health upgrade I
Increases health regeneration speed by 30%.
Requirements: overcharge health to 200.
Health upgrade II Health upgrade II
Increases health regeneration by 5 health points.
Requirements: overcharge health to 250.
Health upgrade III Health upgrade III
Increases maximum health points by 25.
Requirements: kill 5 enemies in a row while overcharged.
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye
Show markers in the world for collectibles.
Requirements: perform 20 stealth kills on commanders.
Vampire Vampire
Unlocks the ability to receive health from performing takedowns. Health points are added up to maximum health level.
Requirements: perform 25 stealth takedowns.
Carry heavy machinegun Carry heavy machinegun
Carry a heavy machinegun in inventory/weapon wheel.
Requirements: kill 200 enemies with the Machine Gun 1946.
Quick turn Quick turn
Enables you to do a quick 180 turn and auto aim at the nearest enemy.
Requirements: kill 50 enemies while hiding behind cover.
Tough Skin Tough Skin
Reduces health loss from melee attacks.
Requirements: smash the heads of 10 Shamblers with the pipes.
Schockhammer clip upgrade Schockhammer clip upgrade
Increases the Schockhammer's clip-size by 6.
Requirements: get 50 kills with the Schockhammer.
Bombenschuss clip upgrade Bombenschuss clip upgrade
Increases the Bombenschuss's clip-size by 5.
Requirements: get 50 kills with the Bombenschuss.
Kampfpistole ammo storage upgrade Kampfpistole ammo storage upgrade
Increases the Kampfpistole's ammo storage by 3.
Requirements: get 50 kills with the Kampfpistole.
Grenade belt Grenade belt
Increases the amount of grenades you can carry by 2.
Requirements: kill 3 enemies with one grenade.
Reload mash Reload mash
Increase the ability to increase reload speed by mashing the reload button.
Requirements: kill an enemy with the last bullet of a magazine 20 times.
Ammunition upgrade Ammunition upgrade
Increases ammunition pickup value by 20%.
Requirements: perform 100 dual-wield kills.