"So tonight, brandish your guns...your knives, and your fist. Seek out your oppressors wherever they are and tell them: We don't want nothing...not a thing from you. Tonight...we show those that sow the wind that we...We are... the whirlwind!"
―Wyatt to Americans to fight against the Nazis on the Jimmy Carver show in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Probst Wyatt III is a supporting character and old time war buddy of famed American O.S.A agent B.J. Blazkowicz. Though his blue-eyed naiveté can be a burden, his positive outlook on life keeps him fighting to right the wrongs of the world. His life alongside his commander Fergus Reid are determinate by the player. If chosen to live, he will be a member of Caroline Becker's resistance in 1960. If chosen to be dissected, he becomes Deathshead's "finest work" for over decades as a prototype for Deathshead's robot, whom he nicknamed Machine Man.

While in Fergus' timeline, player can collect small red statues to upgrade B.J.'s health, in Wyatt's timeline the player can collect small blue statues for armor upgrade. Each statue gives the player 10 percent more armor from each pickup.

He is portrayed and voiced by A.J. Trauth.


"Kid's father had his future all staked out for him. Ivy league straight to the top congressional power. Cut him off when he joined the military. Ungrateful brat, he called him. The kid's mother fell into a depression in that big dark house. Same day the kid shipped off for Europe, she swallowed a bottle of pills. And that was it. That was that"
―Wyatt talking about the past in third person to B.J.

Probst Wyatt III was born in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1928 to wealthy parents in the United States. Wyatt went to middle and high school during the 1930s-40s, where he learned to play the clarinet. In addition, he idealized Coach Anderson, whom he hold dearly to that of Captain William Blazkowicz.

Around the age of 17, Wyatt was in Harvard College to pursue a degree in international affairs. He joined a leadership course, but failed it. When the Second World War grew worse around 1946, he joined the war effort despite his father's dismay. Prompted by his moral conviction and unyielding idealism, Wyatt talked his way into the 101st Airborne Division.

His father, however, remained deeply disappointed with him, calling him an "ungrateful brat", especially since he worked hard to get his son into an ivy-league college. His mother went into a deep depression, swallowing a bottle of pills the day he was sent off to Europe. Wyatt learned of this, leading him to become depressed later in life.

Events Of The New OrderEdit

"Private Wyatt. Good kid."
Blazkowicz's thoughts on Private Wyatt in Chapter 1.

Private Wyatt was part of the 109th Airborne during the attack on Deathshead's compound. Wyatt is first heard scrambling to pick up the radio after Condor 9's pilot was killed. He then stabilizes the aircraft until Fergus Reid is able to jump from Vulture 1 to Condor 9.

When Blazkowicz first saw Wyatt, he was on the floor of Condor 9's cockpit, in shock. Ordered by Fergus, Blazkowicz helps him up and gets him on his feet. After Fergus had landed Condor 9 on the beachfront surrounding Deathshead's Compound, he almost alerted the group's location to a Panzerhund whilst flashing a strobe light to get Blazkowicz's Attention. Wyatt is later encountered helping Blazkowicz ascend a wall, meeting up with the rest of the group.

Prior the attack on Deathshead's Compound, Wyatt was very nervous. Blazkowicz teaches Wyatt a trick to control his nerves. After Blazkowicz fights his way through the compound, and meets up with the group in the courtyard, Fergus, Blazkowicz, Private Wyatt, Private Prendergast and Blondie fall into the incinerator room and Wyatt accidentally begins the incinerator. The group is able to open the door (with B.J. finding the keys) leading to another room.

Entering the room, the group awakens a Super Soldier that crushes Blondie's head. Defeating it, Deathshead traps the survivors by activating a device that forces the walls to close in, eventually rendering the survivors unconscious. After awakening, Strasse forces Blazkowicz to select one of his fellow soldiers (Either Wyatt or Fergus) to be dissected by Strasse.

If Wyatt is selected, he dependently ask for B.J. to rescue like he always does, as Deathshead dissected him as Wyatt screams. Wyatt's brain is taken with Deathshead as he leaves the compound. If Fergus is selected, he tells B.J. that he accepts his death as Wyatt and B.J. watch in horror as Fergus is dissected. After Deathshead leaves the compound, Wyatt, Prendergast and B.J. escape as Wyatt takes Fergus' dog tag, but B.J. is knocked unconscious by shrapnel, leaving Wyatt and Prendergast separated.

During time, Wyatt and Prendergast accompanied Caroline Becker and join the Kreisau Circle with other members: the guitarist J, Englishman Bobby Bram, former Nazi Klaus Kreutz and his "son", pacifist Max Hass. Wyatt was put through pressure of taking out the Nazi Empire, as he sent Prendergast on a mission and (in his timeline) never came back.

Wyatt's TimelineEdit

In 1960, Wyatt was captured by Nazi Forces and sentence to Eisenwald Prison for months. Tortured alongside other prisoners, this left the private scarred physically and mentally from the experience. When Captain B.J. Blazkowicz comes from his vegetative state from the Asylum, he and Anya Oliwa go to rescue resistance fighters. Blazkowicz finds his location and gets him out of the helmet. Wyatt thanks Blazkowicz as the duo fight their way into a car. Making it to the sewers where Anya rescues them, Wyatt takes them to the Kreisau's HQ.

Wyatt accompanies Caroline and Klaus in Project Whisper. After Bram gave B.J. enough time by destroying the front of the London Nautica, Wyatt, Caroline and Klaus fly in and take the helicopters. After the operation, B.J. asks Wyatt about the keys to the index room to find out more on the Da'at Yichud. Wyatt tells B.J. about having Fergus' dog tags, Wyatt becomes angered over his ignorance, feeling that Blazkowicz made the wrong choice with Deathshead's dissecting Fergus and the pressure of taking command, giving a boy a man's work.

After Blazkowicz saves Set Roth from Camp Belica, bringing in survivors. Blazkowicz, Wyatt and Roth go to one of Yichund's safekeeps, where they get the Spindly Torque. The resistance then destroy a bridge with the Torque, with Wyatt and B.J. being the only members there. After B.J. is sent to the Moon, The Nazi Forces led by Frau Engel assault the Kreisau HQ, killing Camp Belica survivors, J and Klaus, and taking as prisoners Anya, Set and Bombate. B.J. saves Wyatt as Becker battles in the Da'at Yichud Power Suit.

The members left in the circle, Becker, Hass and Blazkowicz, Wyatt helps them during the final assault on Deathshead compound. Giving his final words with B.J., B.J. assaults the compound, killing Engel's lover Bubi and constant hordes of Nazi's. B.J. fights the Prototype Robot who has Fergus' brain, B.J. destroys his brain and eventually wounds Deathshead, who mauls him with a grenade, killing himself in the process. Wyatt ask is the cannon ready to be fired, as B.J. replies "clear", leaving his fate unknown.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Edit

"Did I do okay? {...} I was nervous. Could you tell?"
―Wyatt to Grace on his speech to America during the credits roll.

Wyatt in The New Colossus with the new scar on his right cheek, hallucinating due to his taking psychadelic drugs.

Wyatt is seen at the end of the E3 2017 trailer talking to an animated chameleon after consuming a psychedelic drug. He is chosen when Blazkowicz chooses to sacrifice Fergus in a flashback to 1946 during the game's prologue (if the player hasn't already saved him or Fergus in the New Order, otherwise the flashback will not occur).

Wyatt develops a pattern of recreational drug abuse at some point, first seen after his encounter with Engel, where he gains a scar on his right cheek from her axe, which causes great pain in his ear canal.

Compared to Fergus's aggressive, sarcastic and seasoned attitude, he is shown to be quite docile when it comes to deal with people like Grace Walker since he almost has no conflict with her and seem to listen her without any objections. After Caroline's death by the hands of Irene Engel, Wyatt becomes the leader of the Kreisau Circle alongside Anya.

In Wyatt's timeline, he uses drugs to deal with the physical and mental pain, leading him to often hallucinate. Wyatt tries to keep it a secret, doing it when no one is looking, but he is caught or it's very noticeable by the crew. Paris Jack calls him out on this during B.J.'s 50th birthday party, telling him that it doesn't help. Annoyed, Wyatt hides in the shooting range's secret room, taking the drug once more.

B.J. finds him on the ground, ranting about the kid being swallowed up by the universe and left with nothing. When B.J. attempts to get close to him, Wyatt places a gun to his head, then points it at B.J. B.J. stops him while he rants that nothing matters anymore until he is knocked unconscious. B.J. takes him to Set Roth on his condition, stating that the Da'at Yichud used this to see. Wyatt awakens and tells Roth of that mechanism he been working on as a key, then tells B.J. that he feels better before their final assault on Irene Engel.

B.J. successfully kills Irene Engel, as the Kreisau Circle-American Resistance call for the Second American Revolution. Wyatt is there, promoting the good news to the public on standing against the Nazis.

For information on the related timeline weapon, see Dieselkraftwerk.

Fergus TimelineEdit

Wyatt is dissected by Deathshead, who takes his brain and leaves the compound. The General would keep the brain intact and create a Prototype Robot for it to fit, following decades into 1960. During the final assault on the compound, Deathshead implants Wyatt's brain into the machine, leading to the Robot fighting B.J.. B.J. defeats the robot, as Wyatt give his final words to the Captain, claiming he does not blame B.J. for the choice he made to sacrifice him, yet he cannot continue to live in his current state. B.J. destroys Wyatt's brain, ending his suffering.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wyatt thought his timeline has brown hair and blues eyes to match his young and thin structure. In 1960, Wyatt was tortured by the Nazi's in Eisenwald Prison, and was given scars on the left side of his face, that of resembling holes. By The New Colossus, Wyatt received a large scar on the right side of his face from Irene's axe chop.

Below is the vitals purported to have been listed on website at some point in an early version of the website (for The New Order before its release c. 2013). The bio itself does appear in the Art of Wolfensten: The New Order (as well as in the Who's Who cards made for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus).

Probst Wyatt III
sex: Male
country (native): USA
height: 179 cm
weight: 81 kg
age: 32
Wyatt was pursuing a degree in international affairs at Harvard College when he, to his father's dismay, decided to join the war effort. Prompted by his moral conviction and

unyielding idealism, Wyatt talked his way into the army air men at the tender age of 17. His father, however, remained deeply disappointed in him. Though his blue-eyed naivete can be a burden, his positive outlook on life keeps him fighting to right the wrongs of the world.



The private was known for his nervousness, worrying about his situation on the Condor during the assault on Deathshead Compound. Wyatt, being at age 18 was also unprepared for what war would bring, seen as going into shellshock after Condor 9's pilot was killed. Despite his lack of battle experience, he is skilled and follows orders well, as seen when Fergus orders him. Wyatt was also good natured and saw good in the world, as told by Blazkowicz in his thought, calling him a "good kid". His positive outlook keeps him up and going to right the wrongs in the war. In both timelines, Wyatt is shown grounded on his language, as he never swears in God's name, instead saying Gosh, and shown to never curse frequently like Fergus Reid.


"You think I was ready for that kind of responsibility."
―Wyatt in Chapter 7 - A Mystery (player determined).

Wyatt, being only 18 when the war was lost, became affected by America's surrender due to the Atomic Bomb. Wyatt became under pressure due to his role in taking down the "gosh darn Nazi Empire". Wyatt also loathed himself on his ignorance back then, claiming that he now knows when "mistakes are made". Wyatt still holds respect for Blazkowicz, calling him "Captain" throughout his timeline. Wyatt additionally sees B.J. as his coach from his youth, Coach Anderson. He also appears to have a good friendship with Max Hass as shown when Max gives him a hug when he returns to HQ.

Despite his pain and torture, he helps the Kreisau Circle as much as possible, helping his former Captain and allies achieve the goal to end the Nazi's rule. Though Wyatt sees himself not ready, Fergus Reid (if chosen to live) tells Blazkowicz that he could have gave them a future, having potential. If chosen to be lobotomized, as the Prototype Robot he tells B.J. he is sorry for he had no control over his actions, and begs his former Captain to kill him as he cannot "live like this". Though he still does not swear or curse, he does in Chapter 12, cursing out the Super Soldier that holds B.J. at the throat ("You leave him alone, you damn ugly fuck!").


"Look, um, you're talking crazy man. You gotta get with the program, we need you, we're moving out come on, Wyatt."
―B.J. to Wyatt before the latter's nervous breakdown.

After witnessing Caroline's death at the hands of Frau Engel, Wyatt became stress, depressed and hopeless of the resistance's goal. He was in physical pain after his injury, frequently hearing a ringing sound in his ear, using J's headphones to sound it out. In addition, Wyatt felt that B.J. had given up, the fire being gone after he was captured by Engel, stating he was on "auto pilot until he hit the wall". It's possible he feels like he failed the group, as he states that he failed the Harvard leadership course and with the deaths of others, feels that he can't handle the "torch".

Once Wyatt finds J's psychedelic drugs, he uses this and biblical reading to heal, with the former leading him to be addicted to it. He comes off as unstable, nervous and aloof by others, notably B.J. and Max Hass. His usage of the drugs led him to hallucinate and dream of visions of the universe, telling Set of these dreams.

At BJ's birthday party, Wyatt decided to go on another trip and dissatisfied by the dream. He states the kid is gone and that nothing matters while pointing a gun to his head, showing his depression leading him to have a nervous breakdown. BJ saves him and Wyatt becomes focus and ready to fight against the Nazi machine once his fluids are cleaned. Wyatt gives a speech to America on their history as revolutionaries and gives them a reason to stand against their oppressors, showing his leadership, something Fergus stated he had potential to give them a future.


The New OrderEdit

"Gosh almighty. I thought I was a goner. And here you are back from the dead ... to save us all, imagine that."
―Wyatt after being saved by B.J. in Chapter 4 - Eisenwald Prison.
"This, everything. I was 18 years old and suddenly the war was lost. Everything good in the world died, somehow I was the one supposed to pick up the pieces... keep the resistance going, take on the whole gosh-darn Nazi empire. You think I was ready for that kind of responsibility? My ignorance got many good people killed. You remember Private Prendergast? You know that guy, he could survive anything. So tough. Well, I got him killed. Sent him out on a mission and he never came back. I just didn't know any better. Wing Commander Fergus Reid. He would have known what to do. He could have saved so many."
―Wyatt to B.J. in Chapter 7 - A Mystery.
"You made a stupid choice! Yes, you did! You left a boy in charge of a man's work. I should have died on that day, Captain, on that slab, and Fergus Reid should have lived. I'm not a child anymore, Captain. I know when mistakes were made. There. Leave me alone now, you here!"
―Wyatt to B.J. in Chapter 7.

The New ColossusEdit

"I ... just! Look I couldn't do it, ok, it's too much. Caroline meant more to me than anybody else on this damn ship... and now everyone is expecting me to pick up the torch. Alright. Hey, I mean, look at me, man, I can't even find a pair of headphones. Alright, I failed the leadership course at Harvard, for Pete's sake. I know I put them somewhere where the heck are they? And will this ringing not stop for Christ's sake?"
―Wyatt to B.J. on not coming to Caroline's funeral.
"I'm not stupid, Captain. I saw the look in your eye up there when Frau Engel had you under her thumb. Alright, the fire is gone out and you're just on auto-pilot now until you hit the wall. Am I wrong, Captain?"
―Wyatt to B.J.
"Hey, little fella. What are you doing here? It's dangerous here, you have to be so quiet. We gotta go."
―Wyatt to the cartoon lizard while under drugs.
"It's so easy man. I've got it all figured out. {...} After you atom-bomb the beieezus out of the old Oberkommando at Roswell, the Nazis ran scared. They took all their top brass, all their top military secrets, and they reestablished the Oberkommando on Venus. Venus, the planetary body, Venus in space, man. It is cold up there. You're gonna need radioactive mittens. {...} Okay, we're just gonna fly there! We are gonna load up and we're gonna fly. {...} Oh man we're just gonna take our choppers. But instead of only going so high, we are just gonna keep going straight up... right into space with the mind, you know? Then we're gonna drop you off on Venus. You're gonna break into the Oberkommando and you are gonna steal those ODIN secrets from the computing machines."
―Wyatt to B.J., Anya, Horton and Grace.
"The little guy died this morning. He didn't eat his cheese. Starved to death. So it goes {...} Who? {...} Oh, the kid? Yeah, he's not here anymore. He went looking for the truth but he didn't like what he found. {...} Kid's father had his future all staked out for him. Ivy league straight to the top congressional power. Cut him off when he joined the military. Ungrateful brat, he called him. The kid's mother fell into a depression in that big dark house. Same day the kid shipped off four Europe, she swallowed a bottle of pills. And that was it. That was that."
―Wyatt to B.J. on speaking of his past in third-person
"He saw perfect patterns... swallowing branches of a great tree. The all-knowing space entity at the center, gazing upon him. The kid was approaching the apex of the universe... but it all slipped away. And a colossal black trench opened up...swallowing the colors and the kid couldn't see anything...except for a trans-dimensional gaping maw...swallowing his soul! Oh nothing matters anymore, man! Oh, sunset for humanity. Tell'em that he's sorry. Tell'em...Tell'em that he loved them."
―Wyatt before being knocked out.
"Americans. Americans... wherever you are. I wish I had words of give you. Like the warm winds that this Nazi general sent down from above. But from will not get...comfort. Only the cold...agonizing...truth. And the great nation...has been raped...and the greatest...enemy...of our time. They ask you to sell...your purchase your safety. To the new order, to the winds of change...But my...fellow...Americans! They...that sow the wind...shall reap...the whirlwind. {..} You were the land of the free. You fought the kings of old and broke them. You gave your lives...for the simplest...but most essential truth of all: Give me liberty...or give me death! {...} In your veins runs the blood of revolutionaries. So tonight, brandish your guns...your knives, and your fist. Seek out your oppressors whetever they are and tell them: We don't want nothing...not a thing from you. Tonight...we show those that sow the wind... the whirlwind!"
―Wyatt on live-television.



  • In Wyatt's timeline (New Order), three major things change: J is given as an ally instead of Tekla, armor upgrades appear rather than health upgrades from Fergus' timeline, and lockpicking is introduced instead of hacking.
  • Wyatt has a respectful faith and never swears until Chapter 12 against the Super Soldier attacking Blazkowicz. This is further shown in The New Colossus, as he talks to Set about God and swears to BJ on why he didn't show up at Caroline's funeral.
  • By his background, appearance, speech and leadership skills, it could be implied that he is a loose allusion to president John F. Kennedy
  • As there is no specific birthdate given for Wyatt his exact age during events of The New Order. Only his age during The New Colossus which is takes place between June and August, 1961. He is said to be 32 in 1961, that would make his birth year 1929 (assuming he doesn't have a birthdate during the course of The New Collosus) It's worth noting he was 17 when he joined the war, he was 18 when the war was 'lost'. However, this is confusing as 1948 was the official end/loss of the war. 18 years after 1929 would be 1947. The only explanation to his age 18 reference, is that he joined in 1946 at age 17, but turned 18 before events of assault on Deathshead's compound the same year.
  • Based on apparent promotional TNO Characters vitals bio it would seem that Wyatt had a birthday between games, between November 15, 1960 and June 25, 1961.