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The Prototype Robot (German: Prototyp-Roboter), also called "Machine Man (German: Maschinenmensch)" by Deathshead, is the penultimate boss of Wolfenstein: The New Order. It is operated by the disembodied brain of either Probst Wyatt or Fergus Reid, depending on who B.J. Blazkowicz chose for Deathshead to vivisect at the end of the intro level.

After the reveal, it will steal the player's weapons, and equip itself with the LKW. During the fight, it must be defeated using the Tesla grenades found in the nearby crates to temporarily disable it, allowing Blazkowicz time to remove the brain from the robot. Following the battle, Wyatt/Fergus apologizes to Blazkowicz for attacking him, and asks Blazkowicz to kill him. Blazkowicz tearfully obliges his request by destroying his brain, ending his suffering.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The boss could be a tribute to the first boss of Quake 4, where a team-mate shares the same fate to be enslaved by the enemies and forced to fight the protagonist.


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