Baseout levelshot

The level shot for Radar Installation.

Radar Installation is the third part of the Weapons of Vengeance mission of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Mission BriefingEdit

Proceed through the outer compound en route to the X-Airbase where you will find the Bachem 317 "Kobra" rocket plane. It is certain that after the destruction of the rocket base the outer compound will also be on full alert, so once again use all means at your disposal in eliminating all resistance along the way.

Also, the outer compound contains a new MVX-mk1 radar installation. Your orders are to destroy the radar installation before proceeding to the X-Airbase. German resistance also reports that some of Himmler's "Black Guard" soldiers may be stationed near the base.


  • Locate and destroy MVX-mk1 radar array.
  • Proceed to X-Aircraft facility.


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  • There is a red water valve under a metal lid near the entrance to the final room of the level. Activating it causes a seemingly pointless explosion, which destroys some of the machinery. The valve's purpose is unknown, unless it is intended to be a joke about a certain game developer.

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