Return Engagement is the sixth mission in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

After the Norway mission, the OSA was alerted to the existence of Deathshead's "Super Soldier" program and "Operation Resurrection" and they send B.J. to put a stop to these programs before they can be used against the allies.

Airdropped near the Bramburg Dam, B.J. Blazkowicz infiltrates the village of Paderborn, where he stealthily assassinates several high-ranking operatives of the SS Paranormal Division. He then proceeds to Chateau Shufstaffel and the dark unhallowed area behind it, where the Dark Knight anointing ceremony is to take place.

Blazkowicz is too late to stop the ceremony and has to battle two Super Soldiers that were left behind. He discovers an alternate route into the Nazi dig site and enters it, in an effort to stop the resurrection of Heinrich I.


There are four different parts of this mission. They are detailed below:

Part 1: Bramburg DamEdit

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Part 2: Paderborn VillageEdit

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Part 3: Chateau SchufstaffelEdit

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Part 4: Unhallowed GroundEdit

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  • Locate Site of "Anointing Ceremony".
  • Destroy all Super Soldiers.