Hauptsturmführer Richter.

Hauptsturmführer Hugo Richter is an officer in the SS Paranormal Division in Wolfenstein. He is only seen during the intro of the side mission "SS Headquarters." Apparently something of a sadist, he boasts of his skill as a torturer to a Golden Dawn prisoner before being interrupted by a subordinate and ordering the prisoners to be taken to the Paranormal Base.

His fate is not known, as he is never seen again after Blazkowicz thwarted Project Nachtsonne


  • His uniform implies he is a Scribe, although he lacks some attributes that Scribe possess.
  • His name is known through subtitles.
  • From some angles his eyes appear completely white, though they can be seen to have a slightly darker iris and pupil from others. Whether this is intentional or a graphical glitch is not clear. It is possible that he is the leader of the Scribes.
  • His name Richter is German for Judge.
  • There are several Intel which refer to him, or are written by him.