Hauptsturmführer Richter.

Hauptsturmführer Richter is an officer in the SS Paranormal Division in Wolfenstein. He is only seen during the intro of the side mission "SS Headquarters." Apparently something of a sadist, he boasts of his skill as a torturer to a Golden Dawn prisoner before being interrupted by a subordinate and ordering the prisoners to be taken to the Paranormal Base.

His fate is not known, as he is never seen again after Blazkowicz thwarted Project Nachtsonne


  • His uniform implies he is a Scribe, although he lacks some attributes that Scribe possess.
  • His name is known through subtitles.
  • From some angles his eyes appear completely white, though they can be seen to have a slightly darker iris and pupil from others. Whether this is intentional or a graphical glitch is not clear. It is possible that he is the leader of the Scribes.
  • His name Richter is German for Judge.

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