Roman Targonski is the maternal grandfather of Anya Oliwa in Wolfenstein: The New Order. He is the father of Anya's mother.


Roman Targonski grew up in the south-west of Poland in the Sudeten mountains, the eldest of five brothers and four sisters. His father was a goat farmer, and when he passed on, Roman decided to pick up the torch. Even though he is deeply religious, the only moral rule he follows is the one passed to him by his father: "Treat others as you would want to be treated".

He owns a double-barreled shotgun, which he uses to blow up a Nazi soldier's head to save B.J.

The New OrderEdit

During his journey to save Fergus/Wyatt from Eisenwald prison, he helped B.J. to get through the Nazi outpost and in the process killing a Nazi soldier with a double-barreled shotgun to save B.J. After B.J. managed to mop off the outpost of all Nazis and get to the train, he parted way with B.J. and Anya.