The SS Paranormal Division (German: SS Paranormal Abteilung) is a SS special division in the latest Wolfenstein games: Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. It is effectively the fictionalized in-game version of the Ahnenerbe, or ancestral heritage research organization.


It is founded by Heinrich Himmler to research history and discover paranormal powers which could be employed by the Third Reich. Many of its members were also participants in the Thule Society, a group dedicated to proving Aryan superiority and researching ancient Thulian artifacts. One of their most well known missions was to locate the grave of Heinrich I. Another was uncovering the powers of the Black Sun Dimension and the Thule Medallions

Also, the organisation works closely with Wilhelm Strasse, the leader of the SS Special Projects Division, a brilliant scientist who, while not being a member of SS Paranormal Division, participated, directly or indirectly, in all of its major projects. However, they all end up failure thanks to the American OSA agent B.J. Blazkowicz.

Return to Castle WolfensteinEdit

Wolfenstein (2009)Edit

The Old BloodEdit

The SS Paranormal Division is again introduced in the Old Blood. Helga von Schabbs is now in charge of the organization, and currently owns Castle Wolfenstein, as it had been built by her ancestor Otto I (the son of Heinrich I) (there is no mention of Heinrich Himmler, and he no longer owns the castle). Helga has had dreams as a child about treasure or power hidden under the castle and surrounding towns, ever since she suffered from polio. Growing up she became an archaeologist with an interest in psychic phenomena and the paranormal. Strasse put her in charge of the Paranormal division after he met her in Cairo and she uncovered technology that proved to be useful in his research. Some of her findings included Da'at Yichud technology.

She has traveled around the world, ranging from Egypt to Istanbul; looking for ancient information related to the work of her ancestor Otto I. One of these discoveries the Papers of Constinople, lead her to start digging into the foundatinos of the castle, and under Wulfburg for Otto's secrets.

Helga answers to Wilhelm Strasse, who heads the Special Weapons division, it seems that in 1946, the Paranormal division is a subsidiary of the Special Weapons division (similar to the merged SS Special Weapons and Paranormal Division in Wolfenstein RPG).

Wolfenstein RPGEdit

In Wolfenstein RPG (see id universe timeline) the SS Paranormal Division appears to be consolidated under the SS Special Weapons and Paranormal Division. The Nazis research for paranormal technology under the city of Paderborn, and attempt to summon the Harbinger of Doom from Hell. They seem to also be researching other demonic creatures to use as weapons against the Allied forces.


Important membersEdit

  • Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler - Founder of the SS Paranormal division. All members report to him, he owned Castle Wolfenstein.
  • Oberführer Marianna Blavatsky - One of Paranormal Division's leaders. A woman with a great knowledge of occult power. Died during the return of Heinrich I in Operation Resurrection.
  • Oberstgruppenführer  Viktor Zetta - One of the SS Paranormal Division's leaders after the deaths of its major leaders and Operation Resurrection's failure. He leads the research on the Black Sun Dimension. Assassinated in Isenstadt.
  • Oberführer Helga von Bulow - Pupil of Marianna Blavatsky, she created the Elite Guard special unit. Died during the encounter with Olaric.
  • Hauptsturmführer Richter - One of the SS Paranormal Division's leaders after the deaths of its major leaders and Operation Resurrection's failure. He is the right hand of Viktor Zetta.
  • General von Shurber - One of the leaders of the organization. Assassinated in Chateau Schufstaffel.
  • General Burkhalter - Important member. Assassinated in Paderborn.
  • General Haupman - Important member. Assassinated in Paderborn.
  • General von Stauff - Important member. Assassinated in Paderborn.
  • Colonel Strache - Important member. Assassinated in Paderborn.
  • Major Hochstedder - Important member. Assassinated in Paderborn.
  • Professor Zemph - A scientist with vast knowledge on Thulian lore. Killed by Helga von Bulow.
  • Obersturmbannführer Helga von Schabbs - A high-ranking SS commander and archaeologist who owns Castle Wolfenstein and spearheads another dig in Wulfburg. Killed by King Otto's Monster.


  • The SS Paranormal Division-like group appears in the Id universe timeline (which includes all of the games including Wolfenstein RPG, Doom RPGs, Doom 1-3, and all of the wolfenstein games up to RTCW, and possibly Wolfenstein (2009)), at the time of the game the SS Special Projects Division, and SS Paranormal division are merged, and entitled SS Special Weapons and Paranormal Division. It is a group of Nazi (called Axis in the game due to censorship) officers and scientists (including Marianna and Dr. Schabbs) who developed Super Soldiers, resurrected the undead and ultimately summoned a demon from Hell, Harbinger.
  • The SS Paranormal Division is not brought up in The New Order, but is focused on in The Old Blood. The division was a major focus of both RTCW, and Wolfenstein (2009).

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