The SS Special Projects Division (German: SS Spezielle Projekte Abteilung) is a research group who develop weapons and equipment for the Third Reich. Their most prominent and leading member is SS Colonel (later General) Wilhelm Strasse.

The group is known for its collaboration with the SS Paranormal Division, to whom it supplies its inventions.

In Wolfenstein RPG timeline, the group was merged with the SS Paranormal Division. The Special Weapons and Paranormal Division in the game resides in Castle Wolfenstein and is responsible for Super Soldiers, rising undead and summoning a demon, Harbinger.

Important members Edit

  • Heinrich Himmler - Founder of the SS Special Projects division. All members report to him, he owned Castle Wolfenstein.
  • Oberstgruppenführer : Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse - Leader of the SS Special Projects Division. A gifted researcher and doctor behind both the Lopers, and the Super Soldiers, towering cyborg soldiers that were heavily armed and armored. The only known SS character make it in The New Order.
  • Professor A. Zemph was a scientist on loan to the SS Paranormal Division from the SS Special Projects Division. Unlike his superior Deathshead, Zemph did believe in the occult enough to try and avoid unleashing supernatural horrors during his work.


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